If you read this book you are committed to something beyond your wildest dream! You cannot go back once you have read this!

I will not tell you my name now it would give too much away. But remember to heed my warning! You mortals will blame everything on me if I did not warn you!

Will magic save the day? Or will an impromptu relationship foil our plans? We are under attack! Or are we? Are Zandu the only people plotting?


4. Inside...


The next thing I knew I was inside. Luna and Gange had been standing next to me whilst Bof was opposite. It was the first time I had looked at them properly.


 Luna was beautiful! She had short, silvery, gold hair in a sharp bob (you humans call it a pixie bob; however being a pixie I find it offensive and a touch weird. It looks nothing like a pixie!) Her hair shone as she moved, and her porcelain skin had glowed in the dim light of the tower; her most striking feature had been (I say had been whilst describing her because the torture has left her scarred, not only mentally but physically…) her piercing crystal blue eyes. Her eyes had danced in the light like a child’s eyes that knew a forbidden secret, whilst also making you want to pour out your soul to her. She had been the kind of girl who, just by walking into a room, made other girls take a hit on her self-esteem.


Then there was Gange, dear Gange. He was slender, with a mop of floppy gold hair that fell into his eyes. He had eyes as green as emeralds from the Emerald City that shone in the light (they were as remarkable as Luna's but in a different sense entirely). He had slightly unkempt eyebrows that made him look like an extremely handsome caveman! I fell in love with him at once.


Then there was Bof, he was and still is a metre high and heavily set; although as I later discovered what he lacks in height is made up for with a giant sized dose of bravery! He had a bristly ginger beard and shoulder length hair. His eyes were as brown as mud moreover his pale skin was weathered and looked as tough as old boots.


They all looked like heroes and their powers well, make up your own mind…


Luna could see in the dark of night and turn herself completely invisible! She was brave and carried a club, an extremely long rope and a bag full of unusually big stones. No one knew why she carried the stones so many stories where made up but they were mostly untrue…


Bof looked strong and brave. He could see in the dark because of all his time spent in the caves of the chin-agog tribe, and frequently carried an axe and two daggers.  He was also a prince and by right of blood probably still is…


Gange could turn himself almost invisible and use his majestic wizard power to turn evil creatures in to stone statues (although this spell only lasted for five minutes.)  He could also throw fireballs however his magic did not work near water.


Then there was me, Rosébeam!


I have pale skin but without the excuse of red or black hair to make me stand out I was abnormally normal. My hair is however long layered and brown (opposed to the red or black I dream about.) As I said very normal, the only thing that made me stand out was the fact that I was quite tall for a pixie and I also have wings and pointy ears but that’s quite common in the pixie family. Then there was my eyes, they are denim blue not a glistening crystal blue like Luna's. How I had wished I had Luna's eyes… 


And my powers…


None to speak of not even an A level! How I disappointed my parents. I wish I could have given them more.

Great! No pressure!


“You have been chosen,” King Nimpho's voice had pierced my thoughts and reminded me where I had been, “To spy on Zandu. We do not know what they want for sure but my spy told me they are thinking about planning to attack!”


A man with straggly brown hair had entered the chamber at this point. He had a leer on his lips and dirt-covered rags on his body. “ This is my spy!” the King had announced.

“The battle plans are in the dungeon far below the castle” the spy had sneered. I remember him looking at me in disgust and laughing. “ You know they are warriors. Don’t you?” He had leered in my direction.

“Enough!” boomed King Nimpho, “ Everyone is, apart from me, equal here. Rosébeam will have amazing powers someday. That is why,” he turned to face me, “ I am making you, Rosébeam, the leader of our mission!”


I had laughed very loudly. Perhaps so loud it was rude but I did not care. I thought the king had gone loopy!

“ Your powers will come in a time of great need to you and your fellow spies; use them wisely and for good!” the king ended.

I wanted to ask more however the king seemed to think that he had covered the subject and retired to his chambers. Just as we were leaving a servant ran up and told us we were leaving at sunrise.


When I was home safely inside my hollow I felt like crying! I had to leave my family and rabbit. I just new it would break my heart to leave because… because we weren’t even aloud to tell them where we were going. What did they think?


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