If you read this book you are committed to something beyond your wildest dream! You cannot go back once you have read this!

I will not tell you my name now it would give too much away. But remember to heed my warning! You mortals will blame everything on me if I did not warn you!

Will magic save the day? Or will an impromptu relationship foil our plans? We are under attack! Or are we? Are Zandu the only people plotting?


1. Prologue...


Dear Reader,

                   My name is Rosébeam and I am about to tell you a story that is so secret I am not even allowed to remember it! They think they can stop me speaking out. They try to make me forget. They are so scared of others remembering or being told, that they threatened me. In the end they hid me underground. You’re risking your life if you tell; that’s what they said to me. But I am telling you in the hope that you will speak out. They cannot harm a mortal.



P.S Do you believe in magic? It may help…


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