A Winning Chance

My life was rather average, I had close friends, a good shot with my education, and a loyal, sweet boyfriend. But, then something so unlikely happens. My parents have the winning lottery ticket to 22 millions pounds... Jackpot!


1. Screaming

"OH MY GOD!!!" I jumped. Who was shouting? If I can hear it through my headphones, it's gotta be very loud. I pulled them out and ventured downstairs. Was someone in trouble? The shouting didn't sound scared or at all upset, it sounded happy. That emotion is not commonly found in my house. Through the corner of my eye, I could see my parents jumping up and down. What is so exciting? Nothing came to mind. I entered the living room, seeing an screen of colours on the TV. My Mum was in tears, and my Dad was kissing a piece of paper... That's not weird at all. 


"Lilly! Oh my God... Guess what!" Mum shouted at me while rushing towards me. The widest grin across her face. My face pulled back in shock and confusion. Her hands were firmly placed on my shoulders, almost shaking me. I stood there in sheer terror. "We just won the lottery!!!!" She jumped in a little circle, clapping her hands, and kissed Dad repetitively. We just won the lottery? Fuck yes! Better life here I come! 

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