Kidnapped (OneDirectionFanFiction)

Avery's never really walked the stright and narrow. But she didnt walk in zigzags eather. She walked a comfterable curve.
Two years since her mother died and she and her uncle Simon (Who she has been sent to live with) just cant over the coldblooded murder.
On the two year anniversery of the killing Avery and her best friend Ed sneak to the states. Just so that she can go to her moms grave.
But while in America things go...wrong. Avery and Ed are kidnapped and taken who knows where, along with five other girls and five other guys...whom Avery has seen so many times before but never met. One Direction, who are signed to her uncle's record lable.
With there lives and there friends lives hanging in the ballance, Avery and Louis must find a way to get everyone out of there. Alive.


1. Life Like It Used To Be

"AVERY! LETS GO!Its your last day! Dont want to be late do you?" My uncle called up to me

"I dont think that five minutes after the bell rings is late!" I called back. I looked in the mirror. My long (and SUPER stright) dark brown hair was in a low side pony tail, with my black bennie covering most of the top of my head. I had a longsleved denim jacket that came down below was covering the top half of my solid black t-shirt. My dark blue jeans had black paint splatters on them and were perfectly matched with my black converse high tops.

Before I grabbed my back I opened the heart shapped locket on my neck to see my family's smiling faces, both of my parents much alive, and my brother home. I pressed my lips to the locket and alowed my self to have feelings for a moment. Then I grabbed my messanger bag and ran out my room.

I sat down on the banaster and slid down, like I always do. When I got to the bottom Simon handed me a double chocolate muffin. This guy knows me so well.

"Thank you" I said grabbing it and taking a bite

"Your going to be late" Simon sang to me

"I dont care" I sang back

Simon sighed "You really are your mothers child" Then he went into the whole 'Its-been-two-years-since-my-little-sister-died-and-im-still-not-over-it' thing.

I placed my hand on his arm "I miss her too" i told him

Two years ago this Sunday my mother was murdered. She was ill and took a sick day. Two guys broke into our house, not knowing that my mom was home. They were plaining on taking everything we owned then leaving. Instead they found my mom. Asleep. They shot her once in the head. Murdered her in cold blood. She couldnt be a witness, she was asleep for crying out loud.

Now I truly have no family but Simon. My father died in the war when I was small. My older brother. Owen, is currently serving. I wont see him until Chirstmas Eve.

When I moved to England two years ago Simon and I wernt that close. I had to leave behind all my friends and the only life I ever knew. I never felt so alone.

Then I met my best (and currently only) friend, Ed Sheeran.


My first day of school was extreamly dismal. Rain, rain, and more freaking ran. Not that Im complaining, I quite like the rain. The teachers did the usual, 'Meet Avery!' thing. Then they leaved me the hell alone. Once again, not complaining. I would just sit in the back and either write songs or draw.

When lunch rolled around I found a seat at an empty empty table right next to a window. I imedantly snagged it. I love rain.

I sat and sketched. This drawing just happened to be my mothers grave, the last time I saw it. Except I added rain, instead of keeping just the overcast.

"Well you look lonely" a voice said. I snapped my head up to see a ginger grinning at me

"Thats probally because I am" I said looking back down at what was becoming a black and white photograph of my mothers headstone

"Well someone as pretty as you shouldnt be lonely" he said sitting down across from me "Im Ed" he extanded his hand

I shook it "Avery" i said

"Isnt that a boys name?"

"Welcome to America!" my eyes went back to my drawing


Ed and I have been insepreable since then, even thought hes two years and two grades a head of me.

"Lets just go" Simon said

I sighed as I followed behind my uncle. He will never be able to let go of what happened to mom. I wanted so badly to find who would do that to her, so I could cut off there balls.

Sadly though no one has found them yet.

Hopefully, I will



Ok so this is my first story on Movellas. Tell me what you honestly think. Should I continue with it or forget about it. Answer truthfully! Please!


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