Millie's parents are leaving for the week-end so she has the whole week-end to herself but what happens when she goes to sleep one to find out......


5. Strange place?

"Ugh where am i? Ow!" as i woke up and started to wriggle i realised my feet and hands were tied together and i was in a strange unknown room.

"Hello?!" I yelled, i heard whispering outside my door

"What do we do? Shall we tell Harry? He's the one who wants her" said a low whispering voice.

"I dunno i feel kinda sorry for her, she's really cute" this was a different voice and he had an accent, i couldnt recognise it though as he was whispering.

"Wassup boy!?" this time there was shouting, "So is she awake yet?" the same voice said.

"No she is fast asleep" Ah now i recognised his accent, he's Irish, wait he just lied for me? I heard fumbling at the door so i quickly closed my eyes.

"Ah yeah she is a perfect shape and size, pretty and sweet curves, yeah she'll do for me" I heard his footsteps getting closer, i was getting nervous now.

"Harry wait! She is sleeping leave her be for now she doesn't know whats coming to her, i feel really bad" It was the Irish one, right so i get kidnapped by 5 guys and now he wants to help me, whats up with this guy!?

"Fine. She has another hour then I'm waking her up" Said the shouty one again, what did they want with me? Why me? Who are they? All these questions spinning through my mind!

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