Millie's parents are leaving for the week-end so she has the whole week-end to herself but what happens when she goes to sleep one to find out......


10. Phone call

I stood up and told the boys that i was just going back into Niall's room and I promised not to lock the door. I was gonna phone somebody, anybody would be good enough, my parents will come home tonight and find all my stuff gone and me missing, I couldn't bare them thinking i ran away.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started scrolling through my contacts until i came across my mum, I clicked on her and pressed call, it was ringing, I started getting really nervous and stressing, mum please pick up. Just then i felt my phone get pulled away from my ear and saw my phone flung to the ground and jumped on, it was Zayn.

"Hey! Stop! Please!" I yelled, but i knew it was too late.

"Why was someone rigning mommy or daddy to help them?" he said in a sarcastic voice, god i hate these people.

"For god sake, why can't you just leave me alone!? I mean why me? Why did you kidnap me, of all people?!" I was really annoyed now, I just wanted to go home.

"Calm down and terribly sorry but I can't answer any of your questions, think it was for fun though, a bit of a laugh" He said cooly.

"A LAUGH!? A FLIPPIN LAUGH!? WELL NO OFFENCE I HAVN'T SEEN ANYONE LAUGHING YET AND IM CERTAINLY NOT LAUGHIN!" Geez this guy was really getting on my nervs now I mean a laugh!

"Right missy someone needs to teach you a lesson" He said and with that he punched me across my face and i blacked out.

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