Millie's parents are leaving for the week-end so she has the whole week-end to herself but what happens when she goes to sleep one to find out......


8. Harry

Harry's POV:

Where was she, I left her in my room, she was fast asleep, god sake she can't of gone far! Let me go check with the rest of the boys, hey wait where's Niall? Yep, I knew it, he has a thing for her! I run towards his room and grab the handle but its locked, by now i am pretty annoyed so i start ramming against the door trying to break it down.

"Let me in!" I yelled but i get no reply, "Don't be afraid" I say in well i must admit a rather creepy voice so I keep banging on the door until i break it down.

"Niall where is she?" I asked Niall as he was the only person in the room, I started looking round every now and then giving Niall the eval look.

"Dude do you have to go looking through all my stuff? I thought you could trust me?" He says in a innocent voice, I just look up at him.

"Just need to check your room, why was the door locked?" I questioned him.

"I was trying to change my underwear" He says rather embarassed.

"Why? Awww did ickle Nially have a few skid marks in his panties?" I ask him in a soppy voice.

"If you must know....yes" He said under his breath, I just fell to the floor in a fit of laughter.

"Fine. Oh and the girl, Millie she has gone missing" I say out of breath from laughing.

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