Millie's parents are leaving for the week-end so she has the whole week-end to herself but what happens when she goes to sleep one to find out......


6. Escape

I woke up to someone roughly shaking me really hard banging my head against the wall behind me.

"WAKE UP" Said a rather angry voice, "God how long does it take you to wake up!?"

"Sorry, i-i-i was tired" I said nervously

"Get up, you need to start" The guy i think called harry said with a creepy smirk on his face, i stood up and followed him out and into a room with three other guys in it. Oh my god they were one direction, one direction had kidnapped me.

"Hey i know who you are" I said starting to walk backwards until i walked into a muscley body and i froze.

"Going somewhere?" Zayn said, i backed away from him and then all five started walking towards me.

"Please just let me go, i wont tell anybody if you just let me go now" I was begging now still backing up, then Liam jumped at me and grabbed my arm stopping me from walking any further. I looked up at him with a shocked face and he just pushed me forward until i was again sat on the floor.

"Guys lets talk" Louis said to all of the guys. Their backs were towards me so i decided to try and get out of the window above me, it was already open so i tried to make my movements as small as possible and i rose up to my feet and i looked out the window, first floor, pheewww. I put my hand on the ledge and then flung myself over when i heard.

"GUYS!" it sounded like the creep, Harry. I started to sprint, i'm not much of a runner so i was starting to get tired, i looked over my shoulder, no-one, i-i have lost them! Then they had to spoil it when Louis turned the corner.

"Here she is" He shouted back to the guys, me being a directioner i knew i wasn't going to out run Louis, he was a sprinter when he was younger so i made my legs go as fast as they could not noticing the pain and the thought that i felt i was going to faint.

"I-i-i can't breath" I fell to the floor and it went black but i can remember some-ones arms going around my waist.

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