Millie's parents are leaving for the week-end so she has the whole week-end to herself but what happens when she goes to sleep one to find out......


4. Being kidnapped ?

I woke up to the sound of something smashing, i jumped and suddenly my door swung open four guys came into my room one ran over to my desk grabbing a bag and putting all my make-up in it then another went to my wardrobe with another bag and put all my clothes in there then went to my draw and took all my pants and bra's. At first i thought they couldnt see me and i was just being burgled but no the other two started coming towards me, i went to scream but they jumped at with some duck tape and ropes, the first thing the did was put duck tape around my mouth i tried biting him put he moved to quickly, then he pulled the rope out and i just thought oh no you dont bitch. I jumped up out of my bed ripped the ducktape off of my mouth and started to cry but not letting them see i then jumped over my bed and ran out into the lounge were i saw a smashed window and a big black van with someone in it, it looked like they were waiting.

I looked around trying to see anything i could defend myself with all i could grab was a cushion, i know pathetic but its better that just standing there, right? All 4 of the boys im guessing came in and looked at me then the cushion and laughed then i just felt hopelss i saw they had two full bags of what i was guessing my stuff so i just sunk to the ground they tied my up whilst i was wriggling the two picked me up while the other two held a bag open. Oh for god sake so fist someone breaks into my house then they take all my stuff and then they tie me up and shove my in a bag oh whoop de doo! The bag was slung over someones shoulder im guessing, either they must of been strong or 8 stone is rather light? Ouch it really hurt they slung me really roughly i felt like i had just broken my ankle and my wrist!

AN (authors note)- please comment on what you think and how you think i could go on with the story, oh and by the way this is a one direction fan-fiction if your wondering. Thankyou and keep checking for updates i will try every evening but i swim and i have lots of homework!!

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