the center of the earth

a boy named Nathan and his best friend Emily go on a massive adventure with witches, werewolves and vampires. they find out all they need to know about Emily's dad and Nathan about his past and future. There is also a man named "z" this is because there is a mark on his face that is in the shape of a "z" he got that from fighting a troll. he really wants to kill them both with his wand of every power!!


1. how it all began

it was a cold winters night, with the snow storm outside the oldest of four was having a bad dream. Her name is Emily and even though it was bitterly cold outside she was sweating like no other. She was rolling around and screaming, kicking her sheets of the bed. Her hart was pumping as she grabs her mattress she wakes up, her mother was buy her bed and her mother knew exactingly what was happening to her. her family are very different and she was the first to go through the changes.Her father died when the last baby was born so it was the hardest for her to move on because she knew him the longest. All she had was her grandfather, he lived in town only a few blocks away. She saw him every day after her school, but not on weekends, my mum says I need some family time.

She was walking over to her grandfather's apartment where he lived in lakeside retirement home and some kids from her class stopped her, they where carrying weapons. They tripped her up with an evil laugh, and they kicked her bag out of her reach. The boy with the gray Hood got a knife out of his pocket, she tried to get up but the girl was standing on her stomach. Suddenly she felt a tingle in her hands and legs, her eyes went all yellow and her finger nails grew longer and her skin got all hairy. The boy with the grey hood had the knife in hand, there wasn't a moment to lose. Suddenly she pushed the girl off her and her clothes ripped off and she was on all fours, she was a wolf. She jumped up and charged at he boy he dropped his knife and tried to run but she caught up, she dragged him buy the leg and had her meal.


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