The move

Jessie a 10 year old girl who owns tons of soft toys and action figures and loved them to pieces when she was 5. But now she 5 years older she is forgetting about all of her beloved toys, and when she moves does she leave them all behind, or is it the Fire.


2. The move

Saturday the 2nd of July,

"Jessie start to pack your stuff please"  shouted mum from the bottom of the stairs.

"yepy I cant wait to go on holiday" Jessie shouted back .

"your so silly Jessie, we aren't going away on holiday, were moving house I told you" Jessie's mum replied.

Jessie face turned to happy face :)  to sad face  :(  she was moving to the country side tomorrow, and she couldn't to nothing about it, to stop her parents changing their minds.

"I'll pack tomorrow seen as thought we aren't going till 1.00 in the afternoon".

"Jessie come and have our hot chocolate now you are going to go to bed " called Jessie's mum

"but its only half eight" Jessie called back as she walked down the stairs.

"good girl" her Mum started to use her quite voice so Jessie new she could be in trouble if she didn't hurry up.

"night night go to bed now" her mum and dad whispered simultaneously.

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