The move

Jessie a 10 year old girl who owns tons of soft toys and action figures and loved them to pieces when she was 5. But now she 5 years older she is forgetting about all of her beloved toys, and when she moves does she leave them all behind, or is it the Fire.


4. the key

"I'm afraid nothing survived in the fire mam but this key did" the man gave the key to Jessie and she looked in amazement .

It had a gold rim with flowers around the out side it had no writing on it but only a date 1999 Jessie didn't have a clue what it lead to.

"Wait! does that mean that my toys didn't survive?" Jessie turned to the man in a big red suit.

"I'm afraid so" he told Jessie as he patted her on the shoulder.

"I wonder where this leads" she told her self.

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