The move

Jessie a 10 year old girl who owns tons of soft toys and action figures and loved them to pieces when she was 5. But now she 5 years older she is forgetting about all of her beloved toys, and when she moves does she leave them all behind, or is it the Fire.


1. jessie

"Jessie, tidy up your toys please" asked Lisa (Jessie's mum).

"yes mummy" replied Jessie.

She tidied her toys away one by one making sure that her bears were well snuggled in, and that all her Barbie's  had their shoes on and tidy them all nicely in her Barbie house. But that wasn't always the case and after 5 years had passed,Jessie became 10. She didn't play with her toys very often. She still loved them from when she was little and she still treasured them and couldn't bear to let them go.

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