The move

Jessie a 10 year old girl who owns tons of soft toys and action figures and loved them to pieces when she was 5. But now she 5 years older she is forgetting about all of her beloved toys, and when she moves does she leave them all behind, or is it the Fire.


3. cant sleep

Jessie was  lying  awake in her bed thinking about her new house and most importantly her new school. Thoughts rushed thought her head like a river - would she meet a new friend or what if she didn't like her school? But she knew she needed to go to sleep, so she snuggled in and soon fell into a deep sleep. But a load siren like sound woke her and her parents.                     

"Jessie get out of the house NOW" her dad came and scooped her of her feet and ran out side. Her Dad and her Mum and her cat and Jessie  where stood out side safe, along with all of the neigh boughs and the fire brigade.

"Any more people in the building mam" said the tall man dressing in red talking in a deep voice.

"no"replied mum crying in sadness as she looked back at the house.

"its ok" said Jessie with hope in her eyes.

"we will be fine"



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