love under pressur

harry and you are in a happy relation till two men from your past mess up your life...


1. the flashback

                                                Y/N POV

i went into the hotel and heard somebody falling down the stairs. i saw curly hair and somebody in black clothes.

"is this harry styles?" i thought shocked. i wanted to help him but another man pushed me to the floor and yelled: "you'll never tell anyone about this and if you, we'll find and kill you!" tears streamed down my face, but i asked with fear in my voice: "what are you doing with him? will you kill him?".

"shut up!!" he yelled and pulled my head hardly down to the floor. i acted like i'm unconscious and he left me. i opened my eyes a little bit and saw throw the window, flashing blue lights at the and of the street.

'shit' i heard one of the two men cursing and they fleed. if i was sure that they are away i walked to the boy. it was realy harry.

"harry? do you hear me? please wake up! harry!" i saw blood in his curls. "hey, are you okey?" a policeman asked me. "ha...harry...he is bleeding..." i looked up to the policeman panicly." the ambulance is already here and they will help him. are you okey? did you saw what happend?" i remembered the words of the man and lied

"i don't know".



*hope you like it and sorry for my bad english i'm german ;) *

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