The strange diserpearence


1. Lola Step spy novel - extract

Most people don't belive spies exist, but those people are wrong. Lola Step or L.O.L as the call her was a teenager spy. She worked for the goverment winning plenty of awards for bravery and completing missions. One average sunny Saturday Lola woke up, she got out of bed and dressed in a black skater skirt with a rbbon as a cute belt. She wore knee high socks and some red high socks and some red high heels ( Lola was a complete Drama queen when it came to cothing). She wore a black work top too, she loved this outfit and wore it most days. 

When she had eaten her breakfast  she shouted " bye! " to her parents and jumped into her mini comfertable, off she went to go meet her friends or so her family thought. Halfway down the street quickly LOL grabbed her phone and quickly dialled 111 ( THE SECRET SPY AGENCY) " i'll be there soon" she said to the manager. "  Ok we will see you soon Miss Step", the landine  went dead. The spy agency for teenage spies was a massive department in the  middle of nowhere, each member had to have a brand new ID and a new name. Lola arvied on the dot at 8 in the morning and walked straight into the office there she found her mission file for that day, she slowly openned the file and read the mission out loud... 

Hello Miss Step,

today you'r mission is too look at all the data on Mike Read, and find out for us, when, where, and who, GOOD LUCK

                                                   SPY AGENCY


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