Yours Truly (Sequel to Take your love seriously)

Kayleigh and Louis are happily married, and Kayleigh is nearly 9 months pregnant with there first child.But when Kayleigh goes into labour while Louis is on tour in Japan, will he be able to make it home fast to see his new child?


10. Your Going Back On Tour?

Louis POV

It was 10am and Kayleigh hadn't woke up yet.I decided to go upstairs to wake her.Lauren had woke up, and Harry was feeding her from her bottle downstairs.  "Kayleigh..Wake up..." I shook her a little.She turned her head a looked at me.She looked beautiful with the sunlight shining on her face, her eyes squinting.  "Morning beautiful!" She frowned "Beautiful?At this time of the morning?"  "Kay...It's 10am."  "Oh.Right..." She went through to the babies bedroom.  "Wheres Lauren?" I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Downstairs with Harry.Its cute, hes feeding her."

We went downstairs to see Harry and Lauren.He was making Lauren laugh, and feeding her.  "You know Harry, maybe you should feed a baby from one of your many nipples!" Kayleigh said walking towards the fridge.  "Good morning to you too!And I only have 4..." I laughed. "Hey Kayleigh, I forgot to tell you, were going on tour in 4 weeks for 2 months."

Kayleigh's POV

He just tells me about it now?  "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I had anger in my voice.  "Kay, babe don't get angry, we were just busy with the babies, and I've only known for a week.And I keep forgetting, because Paul is presauring me with all this stuff." I understood Louis, but I was still a bit angry he didn't tell me earlier.I decided not to argue.Ben and Katie started crying.  "I'll go get them." I went upstairs to get them, and brought them back down.Louis took Katie from me.  "Katie's a daddy's girl aren't you?" I said tickling Katie's neck.She was smiling. "Aw, she's so cute." Louis said.Louis didn't admit it, but I knew he loved Katie most.Everytime I would wake Katie up and bring her downstairs, Louis would take her from my arms.There is never a day that Louis hadn't held Katie.I don't know how he'd survive on tour.Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door...





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