Yours Truly (Sequel to Take your love seriously)

Kayleigh and Louis are happily married, and Kayleigh is nearly 9 months pregnant with there first child.But when Kayleigh goes into labour while Louis is on tour in Japan, will he be able to make it home fast to see his new child?


11. Unexpected Guest

Louis POV

"I'll get it." I stood up and answered the door, Katie still in my arms, and standing there was... Eleanor.  "Eleanor, what are you doing here?"  "I need to talk to you Lou!" She was crying.  "Don't Lou me.And theres nothing to talk about!" I shut the door on her and walked halfway down the hall but she opened up the door and ran in.  "Lou, please!" She shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks.Katie started madly crying. "ELEANOR GET OUT!" At that point she was violently crying, and so was Katie.Harry and Kayleigh ran through. "Lou whats going on?" Kayleigh said.She took Katie from my arms and tried to calm her down. "Eleanor came to the door, saying she 'needs to talk' I said no and shut the door, but she comes in.Eleanor you do realise your trespassing, and we can call the police?" I said.Suddenly Paul came through the door. "Ah!Elounor is back!" He pushed me and Eleanor's heads together, making us kiss.She tried to kiss me more, but I pushed her off.  "PAUL WHY'D YOU DO THAT!?" Kayleigh ran off. "Great you made my wife upset!"  "Your wife?Oh my gosh Lou I didn't know I'm so sorry!" Eleanor tried to apologise, but I didn't accept. "Just get out.Both of you."  Paul stood in front of me and folded his arms. "You going to make us?"  Someone said from the door.  "No, but we will."It was Niall, Liam and Zayn.Harry grabbed Paul's arm and Niall and Liam got the other they dragged him out the door.Zayn came over and pulled Eleanor out. "Thanks guys.Now I gotta go see if my wifes okay!"

Kayleigh's POV

I couldn't believe what had just happened!How dare Paul do something like that!Louis came and knocked on the kitchen door. "Kay?Are you okay?" He asked, concern in his voice. "No..."  He opened the door and walked in.  "I'm sorry that happened.I didn't want it to.Don't worry, the boys came and got them out.I promise it won't happen again." I looked up at him and he leaned down for a kiss.He picked me up and I wrapped my legs round him.The boys suddenly came in.Me and Lou turned round to see them. "Aww, what a cute husband and wife.But seriously, get a room." Zayn said.

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