Yours Truly (Sequel to Take your love seriously)

Kayleigh and Louis are happily married, and Kayleigh is nearly 9 months pregnant with there first child.But when Kayleigh goes into labour while Louis is on tour in Japan, will he be able to make it home fast to see his new child?


7. Our 3 beautiful babies.

Kayleigh's POV

I was so tired after birth.The babies were born on November 17th 2011.I slept the whole night long.Perrie and Dani stayed with me.Its a rule that only one person can stay over night, but they were both allowed to stay.I woke up late afternoon.Perrie and Dani were already awake, texting the boys probably. "Afternoon!" Perrie said. "I can't believe I slept that long!"  "Well, you were up till 7 this morning giving birth.Do you want to go see your babies?Nurse said we can take you, only if were careful."  "Okay." We went to see my babies.We stood there looking at them for about half an hour.When we went back to the hospital room and I got a big surprise.

"Louis!?" It was Louis!I went over and hugged him.  "What are you doing here?"  "Because you justt gave birth!" The rest of the boys were here too.I hugged all of them. "Come on, come see our babies!" I took all of them over to the nursery.  "The one with the pink blanket is Katie, the one with the purple blanket is Lauren and the one with the blue blanket is Ben." I said pointing out to our babies.They were at the front of the window we were looking in. "There beautiful.Our 3 beautiful babies." Louis said.We smiled and he gave me a peck on the lips.Everyone awwed.The boys all kissed their girlfriends, except Harry and Niall, cause their girls weren't here.

5 months later

Louis POV

So much has happened in the past 5 months.Kayleigh gave birth, Niall and Zayn proposed to their girls, and Dani is pregnant.Harry and Taylor split up, but he found another girl called Emma.We decided to have everyone over to our house to celebrate.It has been tough raising three babies at once, but we're doing a great job.I always help Kayleigh at night, so she won't be alone.Lauren, Ben and Katie wake up at different times.Ben wakes up the most.We are taking Ben to the doctors today because were worried about him.Our girls are already crawling about and standing up for 2 seconds, but Ben is just sitting around and hardly moves. "Kayleigh?You ready to go?" We were dropping Lauren and Katie off at Dani and Liam's, so they can get a taste of parenthood.They were going to bring them back when they came this afternoon,"Yep.Lets go!" Kayleigh shouted.

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