Yours Truly (Sequel to Take your love seriously)

Kayleigh and Louis are happily married, and Kayleigh is nearly 9 months pregnant with there first child.But when Kayleigh goes into labour while Louis is on tour in Japan, will he be able to make it home fast to see his new child?


6. Is it labour this time?

"I think Louis and Kayleigh should decide the name.It is one of their babies!" Liam said.Everyone agreed. "How about on the count of three, you both say a name for the baby?" Niall said.Me and Louis agreed and thought about a name seperatly. "Ready?1..2...3!" We both shouted out "Lauren". "Wow, are our minds joined or something?" I laughed. "Well then, her name will be Lauren!" We said bye to our boyfriends and shut the laptop. "Katie, Lauren and Ben.I like those names." I said.Shannon and Taylor left so Dani, Perrie and I decided to play a board game.We ended up gossiping. "Don't tell anyone I told you this but Louis told me when they come back Niall is going to propose to Shannon!" I said.  "Omg yay!How long have they been together?" Dani asked.  "5 months Niall said.Promise you won't say anything, or else I'm in deep dodo!"  "We promise.What is it with you and weird sentences?"  "I dunno..."

After dinner (Perrie made a lamb roast because it was sunday and we had the leftover cherry pie), I went to bed.I was so tired after what happened today.At midnight I woke up with pains in my stomach.They felt like contraptions.My bed felt wet too.I got up and my water had broke.I ran through to Perrie and got her up.She went and got Dani while I called Louis.  "Lou- oww.I think I'm going into labour this time.We'll call you when we get to the- oww, hospital."  "Okay.Be careful.I love you, bye." I hung up and Perrie and Dani helped me get some sweats and a jumper on.They chucked on some clothes and Perrie drove us to the hospital.When we got there, a doctor immediantly put me into a delivering room, because I was in soo much pain.After about 2 hours of having contraptions, I was ready to give birth.I was terrified.Dani stayed with me in the room and helped me, and Perrie waited outside.

Perrie's POV

I called Zayn and told him to hand the phone to Louis.He said they were a bit busy just now, but he put it on loud speaker so everyone could hear. "Kayleigh's gone into labour.For real this time."  "Oh my gosh!Is she okay?" I heard Louis shouting. "I don't know, Dani's in there with her.One sec, her nurse is coming over."  "Are you here with Kayleigh Tomlinson?" The nurse asked.  "Yes.Is she okay?"  "She is fine.She has given birth to a boy and a girl so far, but she's having trouble with the other girl.But were doing the best we can."  "Okay, thank-you." The nurse left and I sat back down and talked to the boys again.  "The nurse said that shes given birth to a boy and a girl so far, but theres trouble with the other girl."  "Right, I'm going to come over there." Louis said. "So are we!" The other boys said. "Thanks boys.Don't tell Kayleigh, leave it a surprise."  "Okay, bye babe." "Bye Zaynie!Bye boys!" The boys shouted bye and I hung up the phone.Now I just had to wait for Dani to come.

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