Yours Truly (Sequel to Take your love seriously)

Kayleigh and Louis are happily married, and Kayleigh is nearly 9 months pregnant with there first child.But when Kayleigh goes into labour while Louis is on tour in Japan, will he be able to make it home fast to see his new child?


8. Baby Problems

Kayleigh's POV

After we dropped the girls off at Li and Dani's we went to the doctors.A little while ago me and Lou went on an interview show and the interviewer asked if it was annoying to have the paparazzi taking pictures of our babies.We said it was annoying, and since then the paparazzi haven't gotten to close when were out with our babies.The magazines somehow knew we were coming out today, so there was lots of paparazzi.But we just ignored them.

When we got into the doctors, we were waiting about 10 minutes.Then the doctor called us in.He checked out Ben, and then we found out something was wrong.  "I have bad news.Ben here has got weak bones in his legs.I'm very sorry, but he'll never be able to walk." I could feel a tear rolling down my cheek.I looked at Louis and he wiped away my tear. "Okay.Is there anything we need to do?" Louis asked.  "Do you have any other babies?"  "Yes, two girls the same age as him." Louis said,  "Around the time when they start to walk, try to help Ben to walk.By the time he's five if he can;t walk, I'd recommend getting a wheelchair for him."  "Okay thank you very much doctor." Louis said he took Ben from my arms and cradled him in his.

When we got home, I just let my tears come out.Louis held me close. "It's okay.We can teach him how to walk.He'll be fine."  "I wiped my eyes and let go. "You think?"  "I'm sure of it.Come on wipe those tears.We need to start preparing for when everyone comes round.

A few hours later everybody started arriving. Perrie and Zayn, then Li and Dani with our girls, then Harry and Emma, then Niall and Shannon.I stayed upstairs with Ben.

Louis POV

After everyone arrived, they asked where Kayleigh and Ben were.I told them about what happened and said that she was upstairs with him.Niall decided to go upstairs and see her.

Niall's POV

I went upstairs to see Kayleigh.I knoked on her door. "Kayleigh?" I said.She quietly said come in so I opened the door and went in, closing it behind me.She was sitting on a chair beside Ben's cot, crying.I went and put my arm round her. "Louis told us.Don't worry it'll be okay."  "I hope so..."  "Come on, bring Ben downstairs and come see your other two.Forget about them?"...

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