Dream date

Imagine meeting the man of your dreams well its about to make a girl's dream come true..


1. excract - Cafe

Imagine what it would be like to date your favourite celebrity? Well I don't have too it all started last Saturday. Me and Amy went out shopping in town like we usually do, it was great fun, I only ever get to see her on the weekend, so I was so happy to see her again. We went round the to the Cafe arond the corner to get a bite to eat and sat at booth table number 2. We both ordered our favourite, a margarhitta pizza and a coke and gobbled them down and started chatting.

We talked about some latest news from the week that had just gone and the most amazing pop group One Direction. I couldn't help it, I love One direction but the only thing was Amy didn't, she prefered " The Wanted " she would never listen to me and would just keep blabbing on and on about that One Direction are rubish and The Wanted were brilliant that's when we heard an very familiar voice from the booth next door...

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