when good girl Madi Dahlem goes to her first party she meets 5 guys that will change her life forever. will fate bring harry and Madi together? Niall and Madi together or Liam and Madi together find out in FATE


4. the party

                                                                      Madi's p.o.v

when i walked in i saw one direction. "Mya lets talk" i said in an angry voice "ummmm ok..." she said. we walked outside "WHY WOULD YOU TAKE ME TO A PARTY WITH THAT STUPID STUCK U- omigod Harry's coming" i squeeld " what the... " Mya said " like- " "Shut up" i said 


   "hello beautiful" harry said "hi" i say back " whats your name" harry says " my names Madi" i said "Thats a beautiful name "thanks" i said.

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