when good girl Madi Dahlem goes to her first party she meets 5 guys that will change her life forever. will fate bring harry and Madi together? Niall and Madi together or Liam and Madi together find out in FATE


5. superstars

"so have you been to any other partys?" harry asked "no not really" i confessed "normally everyone at school thinks im a good girl "  harry nodded  "but i just cant help it." "ya i know the feeling" harry said " really?" i said "yep" he said popping the P


    i looked at the ground then looked back up at the house. i saw Niall coming. 



"hey harry were about to perfor..." Niall started to say then he whispered to harry "who is that!" "that's Madi" harry exclaimed excitedly! "hi im Niall" he held his hand out "Madi" i held my hand out " nice to meet you beautiful" "thanks" i said 


Great. 2 guy falling for me. and best of all their superstars

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