when good girl Madi Dahlem goes to her first party she meets 5 guys that will change her life forever. will fate bring harry and Madi together? Niall and Madi together or Liam and Madi together find out in FATE



           Harry's pov 


when i kissed her her lips tasted like cherry it was amazing. best night ever



           Madi's pov 

when he kissed me i was... shocked i guess i mean you know how i DON'T like one direction? well then im supossed to HATE his kiss. well i kinda ... um liked it!


              then Harry said "hey do you wanna come spend the day with us tommorow? "sure" i said 



                                  OMG IM TURNING INTO A DIRECTIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!



                             bad thing is tommorow is valentines day...

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