when good girl Madi Dahlem goes to her first party she meets 5 guys that will change her life forever. will fate bring harry and Madi together? Niall and Madi together or Liam and Madi together find out in FATE


8. a day with 1d

Harry texted me to meet him and the band at Chick-Fil-A  so i went and sure enough there they were i walked up to them 

"hey" i said i sat down "hello beautiful" they all said at the SAME TIME  i laughed "hi" so we ate lunch while we were eating lunch we discussed what we were going to do today we decided we will go to the amusement park.


  we had so much fun we rode the faris wheel we rode a giant roller coaster we at a funnel cake and a bunch of other things




then at night on the pier we were at a show and the man called up a couple the spotlight went around until it landed on me... i looked to see who was on my right... no one. my left i gasped. there stood...




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