After a harsh breakup with her boyfriend, Niki goes out to the bar to release some stream. Only wanting a 'one night stand', she picks a random guy and heads out, which happens to be Harry Styles. In the morning everything changes as she finds out who she slept with and the situation they are in. As she wakes up in his body and him in hers.


2. The Switch


       Niki and I yelled and freaked out for about an hour. Finally we came to our senses and quieted down. "How is this even possible?" Niki questioned, motioning towards my/her body. At least I choose to sleep with boxers on for once. Then something passed through my mind.

"Harry!" Niki said annoyed.


"How is this even possible?" I questioned Harry as I motioned at his body, but currently mine. It's so confusing!

"Harry!" I said annoyed, as he began grabbing my boobs. No wait his boobs. Agh, my boobs that are currently his.

"But it's so fu-." he begun, "Agh." he yelled. "That really hurts!" he said as he began to rub his chest and look at me.

"What?" I questioned.

"Why did you pinch me?" he questioned with a winny voice.

"But I didn't even touch you. I pinched myself." I said as I played with his words.

"You know what I mean!" he said.

"Well stop touching my/yourself!" I said.

"What did you expect me to do, I just got switched into your body. Any guy would've done the same!" he protested.

"Maybe they would've done it in private, not right in front of me!" I said, "My poor body.".

"But who cares... This is all a dream." Harry said as he began to laugh and continued touching my-himself.

      I walked up to him and wacked him behind the head. He stopped touching himself and looked at me, "Harry I thought it was a dream as well at first, but it isn't. We just have to accept-" but he cut me off, "Accept what?" he yelled, confusion written in every word he just said.

"Accept that we got switched!" I said as I placed a hand onto his shoulder.


So in the following chapters Harry is in Niki's body and Niki is in Harry's body.

So what do you think about Harry's actions?

leave comments and tell me what you think :) also don't forget to 'like' if you like it :P

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