After a harsh breakup with her boyfriend, Niki goes out to the bar to release some stream. Only wanting a 'one night stand', she picks a random guy and heads out, which happens to be Harry Styles. In the morning everything changes as she finds out who she slept with and the situation they are in. As she wakes up in his body and him in hers.


3. Freaky Friday = Bad Idea


       Niki and I took a couple of minutes to think of a way to change back, "Maybe it's like that movie..." I paused as I tried to remember the name, "The one were they switch body... The mother and dau-" but Niki blurted out, "Freaky Friday.".

"Yup." I said. "So maybe we can try running into eachother like they did." I said, proud of my idea, but Niki on the other hand shook her head in dispproval.

"Harry you do know that in the move they simply end up hurting themself." she said as she waited for me to answer.

"Well that was a movie, it was meant to make us laugh. This is reality." I said as I motioned towards our surroundings.

"Harry I don't think its a good idea." Niki said.

"What MORE do we have to lose." I countered her.

"Nothing." she said.

"Exactly!" I said as I began jumping up and down. "Wow! This does feel really weird." I said as I stopped jumping, "Do they always do that?" I questioned Niki, as I pointed to her-my boobs.

             Suddenly she began to blush. "Umm. Well... You see..." she said fiddling with her thumbs, "They can be very annoying, but back to what we were going to try."

"Great." I said, allowing us to drop the conversation about her boobs, I could see she didn't feel confortable talking about it. But I don't understand why. "So place yourself on that end," I said as I motioned towards one end of the room, "and I'll position myself over there." pointing at the other end. "On the count of 3 we go. Okay?"

"Okay." she said.

"Are you ready?" I questioned her.

"More than I ever will be." she said.

"One," I looked up at her, "Two," I closed my eyes, "Three!" and I opened my eyes and began running to her direction and her in mine.


    I began rubbing my head. Everything was spinning.

"Told you it was a bad idea." Niki said.


What did you think about Harry's idea? and, Why do you think Niki feels uncomfortable about talking about her body?

Leave me comments, hope you like it :)

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