After a harsh breakup with her boyfriend, Niki goes out to the bar to release some stream. Only wanting a 'one night stand', she picks a random guy and heads out, which happens to be Harry Styles. In the morning everything changes as she finds out who she slept with and the situation they are in. As she wakes up in his body and him in hers.


1. One Night Stands'


"MATTHEW!" I yelled as I banged onto his appartment door, "OPEN UP. I KNOW SHE'S IN THERE WITH YOU." I continued banging the door until I heard footsteps, I took a step back as he opened the door.

       There in front of me stood Matthew, looking as handsome as ever with his messy dark bed hair and thoes gorgeous blue eyes. He was the man I loved, the man I was suppose to marry, the man that I would've done anything for, but he was also the man that was cheating, lying, and tearing my heart into millions of pieces. We've been on and off again for about a year, but yet with all that, I still loved him, for some strange unknown reason.

"We need to tal-" but I choked on my word as I saw my sister walk up behind and craddle his naked chest. Not who I was expecting, "WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled, astonished by what my eyes were seeing.

"Well this is awkward!" my 'so called' sister said as she began to walk back from where she came from. I couldn't just let this go, he was 'MY' boyfriend!

"What the hell Abby?" I questioned her.

"It wasn't like he was yours, you were both on a break, for like the hundreth time. You can't always go back and forth in relationships. You snooze, you lose." she said as she entered a room. Everything in me was telling me to go kick her ass and that was what I was planning on doing, except Matthew was in the way.

"Matthew, we are-" but he cut me off, "Niki, things aren't going well between you and I. I think it's time to call it quits, for real this time." was he being serious, I was about re-break-up with him. He doesn't just get to sleep with my sister and then dump me, HELL NO! "Niki, I think it's time for you to go, you've over stayed your time here." Matthew said.

"Matthew-" but he cut me off again, "No Niki we are done, there's no second chance this time." he said as he closed his door.

        I finally found the strength to move after a couple of seconds, and headed into my car. I sat there in disbelief, "What the hell just happened?".


       It felt good to be single again, it has been awhile I haven't felt free to do as I please. Although it's been over a month that Katie and I broke up, I haven't had time to have fun. I mean with all the time I spend to work on One Direction things, such as; interviews, concerts, videos, signings,  etc. Finally I got myself a break, and I was going to use it. I felt like being wild. So I headed to a pub.

      As I entered the pub, I took a seat and ordered a drink. The bar tender came back shortly after with it. As I took my first sip, someone barged into me, causing me to spill it all over my clothing. "Hey!"  Great this wasn't starting out so good.

"Sooorrrrriiiiee." said a female voice, as she burst out in laughter, "Let meeee, wasssh iit oouuy forr youuu." clearly she was drunk, so I turned around to see who she was.


"Bar tedder, hit me wi- another." I said as I slammed the shooter onto the table nearly breaking it.

"I think you have had enough." he said as he turned to serve another client. But I wanted more, who was he to say if I had enough, I could barely feel the alcohol in me. Then I rose to go beg for more, but got all dizzy and bumped into someone, "Hey!" he said with a deep seducing voice. Great he will do, I told myself.

"Sooorrrrriiiiee. Let meeee, wasssh iit oouuy forr youuu." I offered. Then he turned around and a smile formed itself on his face, "Whattt? do eye habe someting in the face." I questioned as he shook his head, only making me more dizzy, "Stop moving so much." I said.

"But I'm not even moving." he said as he begun to laugh, "You are so drunk right now. Here follow me." he grabbed hold of my arm and brought me to the washrooms, "Drink this.".

"Is there alcohol in it?" I questioned.

"No." he replied.

"Then I don't want it." I said as I pushed the drink away from me, but completely failed as I lost balance and fell into the strangers arms. Our faces were inches away, and that's when I decided that I wanted to have a 'one night stand' with him. He was a total stranger, it wouldn't mean anything, we wouldn't see each other ever again and there wouldn't be any strings attached. And right at this moment all I needed was a 'one night stand'.

"You are very clumsy," he said as he laughed, "and very good at making people spill-" but I didn't let him finish, as I pressed my lips onto his. Sadly he pulled away, "Are you sure?" he questioned.

"More than ever." I said as I leaned back in, but he backed away again...


"Are you sure?" I asked her.

"More than ever." she replied, as she leaned back in, but I backed away. I couldn't take advantage of her like this. So I brought her back into the pub and made he sit beside me as I began to drink.

"Are you thirsty?" I asked her.

"Yes." she said.

"Here," I handed her a glass of water, "this is a new alcohol, it doesn't taste like anything, but it hits hard after-" but I didn't have to finish before she jugged the glass down.

2 hours later

"I don't feel so good." she said as she rushed into the washroom, I followed her.

"Are you alrig-" but I couldn't finish my sentence, she pulled me into the stall and began kissing me, she slowly started to kiss my neck, freeing my lips, "Are... are, you su... sure? I thought... you didn't... feel good." I said between gasps of air.

"The only reason I said I didn't feel good is becasue I knew you would follow. Now we are alone and I am no longer drunk and I am still as sure as 2 hours ago." she said as she began to unbuckle my pants and returned kissing my neck. I let out a little moan.

"Hey! Don't do something you may regret." said someone in the stall beside us. The girl and I both looked at each other and began to laugh silently, as we left the washroom, I rebuckled my pants and took a glance behind me to see who said that. It was the bar tender. Weird!

"We can finish this at my place." I offered, I was now in the mood. Anyways a 'one night stand' now and then isn't so bad.

"Sure. I'm Niki." she said.

"And I'm Harry." I said, as we exited the pub and took a taxi to my place.

Next Morning

      As I woke up, I headed to the washroom, I had a huge migraine so I took a couple of pills and prepared myself a glass of water. At the same time I splashed some water onto my face to refresh myself. I then lifted my head and looked at my reflection.

"AGHHHHH!" I screamed.

      I ran back into my room to see me waking up in shock.

"What's wro- AGHHH. Why am I looking at myself." Niki yelled as she looked at her body, which is mine at the time being , then she looked at mine, which is hers right now. "AGHHHH."

"AGHHHHH." I screamed as well.


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