Legend of Zelda:The Triforces Power

Five years has past since the acts of Gannon. Hyrule has been restored to its former glory and princess Zelda is safe in her castle. Every thing is back to the way it was, except there is a new solider guarding the castle, who goes by the name of Link. But Link is not just any solider, he is the hero of time. He wields the master sword and he plays the ocarina of time. He is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Join Link as he takes on what was the tool that saved the world, the Triforce. This action filled thriller will leave you in suspense from start to finish.


1. A little bit of info on the background

This is Hyrule. It is a vast land filled with many beasts, creatures and beings. There are many parts of Hyrule to vist but one of them stands out among others. That place is known as Castle Town. It is the main part of Hyrule as it is the main housing spot of the hylians. These are a race of humans which where chosen by the gods, so they are faithfull to the golden goddesses and they preside over the other races of Hyrule. This is why hylians are generaly considered superior over the other races of Hyrule.

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