Right In Your Arms

Nicole Sefley, 19, and her best friend from her childhood Rachelle Desmae, 19, flew off to London to get away from love and everything that has happened in there past. When they arrive in London, they meet boys that they will remember for there life. What was the point of going when there is another love story to tell again...


2. Start Of The Plane Trip

~Nicoles POV~

My attention went to Rachelle instead of Harry. "C'mon Rachelle. We have to go now," I said. I grabbed my suitcase and bags. Rachelle, Harry and Louis did the same. "Will I be seeing you soon?" Harry walked over to the line and I followed. "Of course. Also, where are all of your screaming fans?" I watched the blonde flight attendant scan peoples tickets. "Well..." He glanced at Louis and I quickly glanced at Rachelle, "We..Kind of missed our private flight that the rest of the boys are on so we had to go this way. We had to change our appearances so we wouldn't get noticed too much. I changed into baggy clothes and Louis didn't wear stripes, so thats why there are no screaming girls. Now, anyway," He looked at me the whole time as he was saying that sentence.


I can look in his eyes forever.

STOP.IT. Dont do this now! He probably thinks your weird now!

I stopped daydreaming by sudden movement. "NICOLE! Give her your ticket to scan!" Rachelle shouted in my ear. "Oww! Sorry mam," I politely said and gave her my ticket from my handbag. "No problem. Thanks," The flight attendant smiled and began to scan Harrys and Louis's tickets. I walked all the way down the hallway, dragging my heavy suitcases down the slopes. "You excited to go to London?" Rachelle said and dragged her suitcases along. "Of course I am. Fresh start and we already have something to do while were there." She laughed and I just joined in. "Hey, wait Nicole!". I turned around to see a screaming Harry and Louis running and holding there manly Sports Bags. "Yes sir," I was a bit more normal and a bit hyped up at the moment of him even being in front of me. "I..just wanted to ask...Where are you sitting in the plane?" Harry handed me his ticked and I had a look. He was sitting in B11, and I was sitting in B12.

Huh. I sit next to him.

Oh. My. Gosh.

"So...Where do you sit?" Harry clicked his fingers in front of my face to get my attention. I immediatley looked at him and smiled. "Its your lucky day. Your sitting next to me for 14 hours!" I handed back his ticket and he jumped up and down. Hang on a minute...

Where is Rachelle sitting?

I turned my body around to Rachelle. She was ajusting her shirt and her hair. "Shelly?" I tapped her shoulder. (I call her Shelly as a nickname now :P) She turned to me. "Yea?" "Where do you sit?" I showed her my ticket. "Oh, I sit in C18." I was lightly startled by Louis jumping in front of me with his hands up in the air. "Yay! You sit next to me! I am in C17!" Louis jumped up and down and Rachelle cheered. They began to chat. I had a little chat with Harry. Turns out that he is from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

We all boarded in the plane. Harry helped me with my luggage. Obviously I was struggling. I moved my dirty blonde hair out of the way and sat next to Harry. I buckled myself in and looked behind to see Louis and Rachelle talking. Wow. There getting close. I giggled to myself and turned to Harry. "So...What are you doing in London?" He asked and put his seatbelt on. He had to ask that question now.

"Well..." I took a deep breath and continued. "I am getting away from my past. Having a fresh new start with my best friend is what I wanted for a while. My family kind of dissapeared and all I have is Rachelle. She kind of suffered the same thing. She is my childhood best friend and always my best friend." I said all of that. I wonder what he thinks now. "I am sorry for asking," He shook his curly hair and placed it how it was. "Its ok. Its not your fault. What about you?" I asked him. He laughed. "Well, I am going to do my career. Im doing a photoshoot and your in it since I asked you. I travel too much so I am finally going back to England for a while. You know Simon Cowell right?" "Of course I do. I have known him for judging only." "Well, yea. He is going to America soon to host a few shows and he wanted to do business before he went. I am meeting him and the boys at a nice beach close to the hotel. You get to meet the boys and Simon." I laughed and clapped like a little kid.

I cant wait to meet the boys and Simon Cowell! Its weird how I dont know who One Direction is. I should keep up with celeb gossip. The speakers in the plane turned on and flight attendants showed us what to do in emergencys. Soon before I knew it, the plane took off.

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