Right In Your Arms

Nicole Sefley, 19, and her best friend from her childhood Rachelle Desmae, 19, flew off to London to get away from love and everything that has happened in there past. When they arrive in London, they meet boys that they will remember for there life. What was the point of going when there is another love story to tell again...


1. Early Unexpected Welcoming

~Nicoles POV~

I pushed all the weight that I had onto my suitcase. I aggressively tried to zip my suitcase but it was filled with so many things that it couldn't cope. I sighed. Why is this so hard just for me to pack? I sat down on the end of my orange sheeted bed.

This is it. I am staying in London and leaving memories behind. All that I have been through is dissapearing. First, my mum committing suiside because of my father. Then, my sister and brother leaving me because they got a job in America without telling me and LAST of all, me having no one right by my side for the past 5 years, except for Rachelle. Rachelle has always been there for me, thick and thin through my life. We just have a great bond.

My whole life, I have still wondered if my father is still out there.

I hope he is ok. He did nothing wrong. He was a good dad and looked after me preciously. A tear fell down my cheek. I wiped it off with the back of my hand and tried to zip the suitcase again. "Nicole, you okay in there? I heard crying. Don't cry or I'll cry," I heard Rachelle quietly say behind the door and knocking. "Im fine and I wasnt crying."

Wrong. I suck at lying. I cant hide my emotions very well...

"Oh hush Niki. I dont even know why I asked because I know you were crying. I know you too well for you to lie to me," Rachelle quietly said. She moved my hand away from the zip and began to squish all of the things in my suitcase properly. "Fine, I was. Its weird for me to leave everything behind and just vanish like a ghost. All of the things that happened here are so valuble, some fragile to admit too..." I said and tried to zip my suitcase. Rachelle sighed. "You wanted this and I do too. Our lifes are tough and we need to get through this together. Its hard, I know how you feel, but we need to get between the gap and go start a fresh life." I zipped the suitcase finally and sat back on the end of my bed in silence.

Rachelle sat next to me and gave me a bear hug. "We can do this. We have a lot of money and we can afford nearly everything. Lets just put everything in the trash and start over," Rachelle patted my back during the hug. I slightly nodded and stood my suitcase vertically. I grabbed my bag and Rachelle went downstairs waiting for me.

I looked at my room for the last time. My blue coated wallpaper, my bed, my wardrobe and my little doll house I had when I was a child.

I shed a little tear and wiped it away with my jacket sleeve. I went downstairs to find Rachelle with all her suitcases and all of the rooms empty. I gave her a small smile and went into the taxi that was waiting for us.

20 minutes after the taxi trip which was full of silence, we arrived at the Adelaide Airport. 'I am gonna miss Adelaide' I thought. We grabbed our belongings, Rachelle payed the taxi driver and we headed inside.

We both went through security and waited in our terminal for the plane to arrive. I decided to listen to 'Dancing To The Same Song' By Elen Levon on my iPod Touch. I glanced at Rachelle quickly and she was reading a Jane Austen book.

There was quite a bit of people here. There was an old couple in front of Rachelle and I and I guess they were embracing eachother. That was awkward to watch. Dont judge, it was really weird and I couldn't help it! I giggled at myself and continued listening to the song.

2 boys were heading towards the 2 empty seats next to me. I immediatley acted all posh and sat like a lady. The one with the curly hair and the cute dimples sat next to me. Oh my gosh, cute boy alert!

~Harrys POV~

I sat down next to this beautiful blonde with green eyes. She was wearing a blue maxi dress and some black high heels. She was hot. "Harry, where is the script that Simon gave to us?" Louis tapped me on the back. He was searching in his suitcase which was slightly open. I sighed. "Here, its in my suitcase." I laughed and grabbed the script out of my suitcase. I gave it to Louis and he began to read it. "Harry, he wants 2 girls to be with us when we arrive in london for the photoshoot. When are we gonna have time for that?" Louis slightly shouted. I hope no one heard because what he said was kind of private. When Louis said 'He wants 2 girls to be with us', I immediatley thought of the beautiful girl next to me and the girl reading her book.

I went closer to whisper in Louis's ear. "The girl and the girl next to her seem pretty ok. What about them?". Louis glanced over to them and his expression changed when he looked at the one reading the book. "Yea. There hot!" Louis whispered back in my ear. We exchanged nods and I tapped gently on the beautiful girls shoulder.

~Nicoles POV~

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked over to my right and the cute boy with his friend were looking at me. I took out my earphones and gave both of them a gentle smile. "Err..Hello. Im Harry," The curly haired one said. Hes introducing himself? Cute. "Hi. Im Nicole. Anything I can do for you?" I popped my iPod in my back in my handbag which I obviously held onto the whole time. "Erm...Well...Its more of a particularly big favour. You see...I am Harry Styles from One Direction and this is..." Harry pointed at the guy next to him. "I am Louis Tomlinson," And Harry began again, "And we are in a band called One Direction. Heard of it?". I shook my head. "Oh ok then. Anyway, I would like to ask you if you would like to be in our private photoshoot for a magazine." My heart raced and I felt a tap from Rachelle. She looked at me with big eyes. "Oh. My. God. Say yes Niki!" Rachelle shouted/whispered in my ear. I nodded and turned back to Harry and Louis. "Yea sure. We would love to. You guys are heading to London, considering that you guys have british voices," I said to them. They both cheered and nodded. "Sweet! What is your name and can we have your numbers?" Harry and Louis got out there iPhone 5's. Nice. Same brand as I have. I nodded and told them my number and Rachelles. "Thanks babe," Harry winked.


He just called me babe and winked at me.

Cute alert again.

I gotta calm down.

"Terminal 12 is ready to board. Flight DJ2467 is ready to board from Adelaide Airport to Heathrow Airport. I repeat. Flight DJ2467 ready to board from the Adelaide Airport to Heathrow Airport."

I got startled by the talking.

Crap, our flight is boarding.


Hi peeps. Just to let you know, I will be updating this everyday (Well, try too). I recently got my computer fixed so I can start typing on my computer, not my iPhone. YAY! Its amaZayn!!!!!!! Anyways, hope you enjoyed and I will update it tomorrow. Bye, Melissa xoxo (Brofist)


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