Stuck In Wonder Land -Zayn Malik Love Story-

‏its the feeling you have every time you do something bad.Dangerous ,Upset ,Ashamed no you feel alive
‏you feel the cold air brushing on your skin as
‏you ride on a motorcycle or maybe even on top of a car.
‏you don’t know what happened after it does you live every moment as it last
‏you listen to music you understand it when your sad ,sing along when your happy
‏watch movies and pretend your the girl in them i mean come on ,no one would make a movie where there is no magic in it that could attract you.
‏you love people they love you back but then again its the same cycle of everything you start as best friends fall in love break up and then your broken except you don't have someone to hold you and tell you everything will be alright as you know it wont.....
Was he Suppose to Help me or Dig Me in Trouble Deeper..


2. Trouble..Trouble

In Real Life-  

‏In real life there is always the bitch of the school and the nerd who in the end wins the guy and live happily ever after right.. ‏well let me tell you a funny story ‏in third grade there were of course the popular kids the Handsome jockey everyone worships and his sexy mates there's the bitch group the head cheerleader who’s the handsome Jockey girlfriend

her name lets say Lola and then there’s her four best friends or her posse call them as you shall please . well there names were Aria and Megan ,Mona and Gemma yeah they sound like normal girls but everyone knew what’s from outside that they were cool the kids everyone looked up to

they saw Aria as a fashionably,  the fashion Queen and everything she does is flawless they never looked at her from being abused by her Boyfriend Liam he was one of the football players at school he was hot every girl wanted him but no one really knew what he did to aria.   ‏

and Megan people always looked at her as the Beautiful face or pretty she always wore the perfect amount of makeup and her hair was perfect everyone was jealous of her she was always gorgeous but a bobble head she acted dumb to impress people they never remembered her as the geeky or nerd girl from six grade who always had her hair in a bun and wore glasses.  

‏and Mona well Mona was always different she had no background nor an image before she wasn't exactly loved as you can say her dad always bought her everything and crushed everything standing in her way so everyone stood aside and watched to afraid to do something they will suffer the consequences from later.

  ‏Gemma well she was Harry’s sister The Jock of the school he was an amazing boyfriend so sweet and Never a cheater never crossed a line nor flirted with any girl at school. so everyone took her as a ticket to reach him. ‏i bet your wondering how i know all of this well easy that Jock was Harry Styles and the Cheerleader was Me Hanna Martin and those were my friends well best friends and that was my life .

  ‏Bitter Sweet- ‏life isn't sweet but then again maybe i got stuck in wonderland for a long time my head got stuck in the clouds ‏i remember when i was twelve my mom gave me a neck-lass it was Written on it “Drag me “ i never really understood the meaning of it trust me i tried to find the meaning for years i searched and Harry helped but non of us could find anything i never really took that neck-lass  of it was the last memory i had of my parents before they were murdered people say it was suicide but they were stupid who were they to say that i knew it wasn't i just have to find out who did it and i swore to make them regret the day they were born after all Revenge is Bitter Sweet.

‏as for my friend some drifted apart how well that’s for you to find out later but for now are you ready to hear i  got plenty of secrets to tell ?

so in stories the girl is always the girlfriend or a friend or has a way of getting to know the boys well yeah maybe im just not the normal cupcake.and i don't sing under any circumstances unless you'd like for your ears to bleed and actually im quite serious about that.

i worked hard to become a dancer my father and mother worked hard to become where they are now and my sister is ten years old so there is nothing she could mum and dad aren't exactly what you call free or cool they are always shouting and pushing my that sometimes i go to the hospital from over stress .

i don't fall in love all it does is break you and burn you and frankly i don't have time for it or at least that what i was taught growing up.

i was already late for going to the stage oh my the manger will kill me.

i usually ride with my best friends but i was late today so talk about exhaustion when i had to run 4 miles in half an hour.

"There You Are"Liz one of the people working with me commented ,well i was only five minutes late give me a break people

"Ella come on babe we have a band coming here in a while we have to practice a bit before they come"Robert told well more shouted at me that's our relation his like the big bro i never had and i loved every piece of him.i nodded my head at him removed my jacket so i was wearing :

i walked on stage and took my place and so did the others "Marcus put something hot"I told the DJ and we began to dance


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