Stuck In Wonder Land -Zayn Malik Love Story-

‏its the feeling you have every time you do something bad.Dangerous ,Upset ,Ashamed no you feel alive
‏you feel the cold air brushing on your skin as
‏you ride on a motorcycle or maybe even on top of a car.
‏you don’t know what happened after it does you live every moment as it last
‏you listen to music you understand it when your sad ,sing along when your happy
‏watch movies and pretend your the girl in them i mean come on ,no one would make a movie where there is no magic in it that could attract you.
‏you love people they love you back but then again its the same cycle of everything you start as best friends fall in love break up and then your broken except you don't have someone to hold you and tell you everything will be alright as you know it wont.....
Was he Suppose to Help me or Dig Me in Trouble Deeper..




guys i received a lot why wont you update

Sorry but i had a couple if exams so i couldn't update everyday i will update today hopefully thnxx for liking and hearting  my story tell me what you think??Love you and thnxx <3

guys i made a new story its called pay for loving him please check it out and tell me what you thing thnxx :)

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