Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


8. Chapter 8

“Can I get a. . . .” Beth pulled out her phone and opened her Instagram. Biting her bottom lip softly, she scrolled through a follower’s page and looked up, “Your secret S’mores Frappucino” she said grinning. Harry rose an eyebrow and looked over her shoulder, his eyebrows furrowed. Harry’s nose wriggled when the smell of coconut drifted past his nose. His throat went dry and he leaned back on his heels. The girl behind the counter nodded before looking at Harry, giving him a flirtatious look.
“And you cutie?” she said leaning forward slightly, causing her shirt to pull down. Beth rose an eyebrow and rolled her eyes.
“Well, Harry looks li-” she got cut off when Harry waved his hand, “Just give me an Ice Mocha. I think that you should be wearing a sports bra. Not a bra, you still got small boobies.” He said pulling Beth with him to a table. Beth just stared at Harry, putting a hand over her mouth to try to stop herself from laughing as she looked over her shoulder at the girl who had a look of shock on it.  Sitting down across each other, Beth’s eye was immediately drawn to the interior design of the cafe. It was sort of a habit for hers, since her mother was a very famous interior designer. Placing her fingers on the table she ran them over the small engravings of little Starbucks cups. Getting out her phone, she turned on the camera and did a quick selfie before putting it up on Instagram.
“So you’re a Instagram addict huh?” Harry asked, as he blew a curl out of his face. Beth laughed and smiled brightly,
“Yep, I love photography.” She said softly as she checked the instant comments and likes. Putting her phone down, she flexed her fingers.
“So why aren’t you with the rest of your group?” she asked as she looked at Harry, meeting his emerald eyes. Harry gave a small shrug as he moved his fingers around,
“Nothing, just wanted to see the town” he said lifting his shoulders before dropping them. Beth shook her head slightly, and a little smile curved on her lips,
“You are a very bad liar.” Harry rose his eyebrows, he was surprised. He was in fact a very good liar, proof being that he managed to slip out a couple of times and tell Paul that he needed some ‘me’ time.
Beth tapped the table with her fingers, “So Styles?” she asked lightly picking her phone up again. Harry shot her a soft smile before looking down shaking his head slowly causing his curls to bounce around softly. Beth bit her lip resisting the urge to just reach over and run her fingers through them.
“I feel left out.” His voice came out small, his eyes casted as he clenched his hand into a fist. Beth looked up when a waiter came and gave them their drinks. Wrapping her fingers around the plastic cup, she shivered slightly. Sipping lightly, she set her greenish hazel eyes on Harry,
“”Left out? But aren’t you guys like close knit. . ?” Beth asked titling her head slightly. Harry shook his head slightly,
“Not really, everyone has their own little thing. Especially since they’ve all got their long-time girlfriends. Niall with his having no girlfriends, but can just hang out and all that. I just don’t fit.” Seeing the look on Harry’s face, Beth placed her hand on his and rubbed his calloused hand, looking up. She found their faces inches away from each other. Blushing slightly she pulled her and back quickly and looked down hoping her hair hid her blushing face,
“Well I’m sure they just don’t know you feel like that.” she said looking up and wrapping her slender long fingers around the cup, feeling drops of water run along her fingers.
“They’re good guys, but all guys are quite ignorant to feelings especially if it’s another guys.” she continued taking a sip of her drink before handing it to Harry, who gladly took it. Taking a sip from it, he grinned. His dimples showing, causing Beth’s heart to flutter. She wriggled her toes trying to get her heart to calm down.
“Thanks Beth. . . Hey let’s go watch a movie?” he asked hopefully, holding the cup of Starbucks against his cheek. Beth bit her lip, then smiled nodding.
“Sure. But we’re watching Despicable Me 2~” she said standing up. Harry grinned and nodded standing next to Beth easily shadowing the light from her. Walking towards the door, they both cringed when they heard a scream,
“HARRY STYLES! OMG HARRY STYLES” looking over his shoulder, Harry’s eyes widened. Grabbing Beth’s hand, he looked down at her.
“RUN!” he yelled as the two of them sprinted down the street, their hands still entwined. . .

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