Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


7. Chapter 7

“BETHANY come here!” her mother yelled at her from downstairs. Beth grumbled and turned her music off rubbing her head. She bit her lip and stood up as her hair fell around her all. Walking out her room and out into the house’s walkway, she trailed he fingers on the photo frames that was everywhere on the walls. Most were of her growing up but others were of her mother, father and just other relatives. Walking slowly down the stairs, Beth’s hear quickened its beat. She had that awful feeling knowing why her mother sounded furious especially since her mother had used her full name and was debating whether to escape out the window. Shaking her hair out of her eyes, she  reached the bottom of the stairs, looking up she saw her parents sitting on the dark blue couch that they had brought when she was born. She walked closer and rose her eyebrow, it was rare to see her parents sitting in a room together without going all crazy and that,
“Beth, sit down.” her mother said gesturing to the middle of the couch, in between her father and mother. Beth slowly walked to the couch and sat down. Fumbling with her thumbs, she bit her lip. She couldn’t believe she had gotten drunk at that party and and and. . . Kissed Harry Styles and shared a bed with him. . .
“Beth darling.” Her father’s deep voice cut her out of her thoughts. Beth looked at her father,
“If this is about-” Beth started until she heard what her father said,
“I want you to come live with me.” Beth blinked and looked from her mother to her father. Her mother’s bottom lip quivered, and she placed a hand on Beth’s.
“Baby, I’m going away for a while. And your father is going to look after you.” her mother’s soft voice cut through her confusion.
“But is it something I did?” Beth asked her parents, confusion all over her face. Her father looked at her mother, Beth didn’t like the look they exchanged, it was mixed with sadness and fear. Beth’s father placed his hand on top of her other hand,
“Beth, we’ll talk about it later. Please just let it go for now.” he pleaded. Beth stood up quickly and stared at her parents.
“What is this about? It’s not about what happened at the party?” Beth asked shifting her weight from one foot to another. Her mother smiled softly,
“Oh no baby, it’s something else.” Beth started to feel her throat get dry, her heart started beating faster. She didn’t like this. She wanted to know what was going on now. Looking at her father, she titled her head,
“Daddy what’s going on?” she asked, her voice small. Looking at her mother for a long time, her father stood up.
“ Beth, your mother has. . .” her father trailed off and placed a hand on her mother’s shoulder. Beth bit her lip and looked up,
“What? My mother has what?” she asked quickly, she could feel the cold sweat drip down her face.
“Baby girl, I have cancer. I have only 2 months left. . .” her mother spoke softly, standing up, she reached for Beth but Beth pulled away.
“NO!” Beth cried backing away from her parents.
“Beth please just-” Beth shook her head, tears spilling out of her eyes.
“How long?” Beth asked, she bit her lip when neither of her parents answered her,
“HOW LONG?” she screamed. She saw her mother flinch slightly, she immediately felt bad but she needed to know,
“I’ve had it for two years.” Beth stood still, that’s around the time her parents got a divorce. She stared at her father,
“YOU LEFT US? You left us even after knowing what mum was going through?” she screamed at her father. Her father took a step closer to her, her mother trailing slightly after him,
“I told him to leave Beth, I wanted him to have a chance of a new life.” Her mother spoke. Beth just stared at her parents,
“NEW LIFE?” She screamed, “Why did you listen to her? WHY DIDN’T YOU STAY?” she shook her head,
“No. . . No. . . This isn’t happening.” Beth said to herself, running her fingers through her hair. She looked to her left, seeing the back door. She took off towards it and ran outside,
“BETH!” she heard her father call out. She didn’t look back, she didn’t want to. . . Running to the park near her house, she hugged herself and looked around. Seeing happy families, complete families. Her family used to be like that. It was always her mother, her father and her. The Disney family. The family that was like a Disney movie itself. Leaning against a oak tree, Beth watched a family who were playing and laughing. Beth slide down the tree and just stare at them. Putting her face in her hands, she sobbed softly. How could this have ever happened?
“Beth?” hearing the voice Beth shook her head,
“Go away, I don’t want to talk.” Her voice came out mumbled. Feeling someone slide beside her, she looked up slightly and saw Harry sitting beside her, his eyes closed a soft expression on his face. Beth resisted the urge to see what would happen if she’d tuck that curl that had fallen in front of his eyes to the back of his ear.
“So what’s your problem?” Harry’s voice came out, deep yet this time instead of the usual fun easy-going tone, she noticed a troubled tone.
“Parents.” Beth replied playing with her hair. Harry made a little noise in his throat,
“Is it when you practically jumped me?” he joked wriggling his eyebrows. Beth slapped him playfully, then shook her head slowly,
“I wish it was, it would have been way better.” She said sighing. Harry’s lips lifted into a small smile,
“So then you could just admit that you really wanted me.” He replied. Beth groaned,
“Look Harry if you’re going to-” Harry waved his arms around,
“Calm down princess Disney.” He said, he stood up and held his hand to Beth,
“Come on, I need something fun to do.” Beth rose an eyebrow and shook her head,
“Harry I am not one of those-” Harry cut her off again,
“You know you’re the only bad minded Princess I’ve met, but then again the only one who has jumped me.” He said. Beth huffed and stood up ignoring Harry’s hand,
“What’s your plan Styles?” she asked as she dusted the back of her outfit, Harry grinned
“A plan to lift that frown upside down!” Beth laughed,
“I’ll come if you use no more of those sayings!” Harry nodded and looked at Beth as he tried to sling a arm over Beth’s shoulder but she stepped away.
And no more moves.” Harry pouted but put his hands up as if in defeat.
“Fine fine fine.” Harry said letting Beth walk in front of him, sneaking a few checking out glances at her, but looked away whistling when she would turn back flashing her a smile.
“You’ll want me soon enough Beth Disney. You’ll see.” he thought smirking as he caught up to Beth.

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