Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


6. Chapter 6

“God what happened last night?” Beth moaned as she stretched her arms out, expecting to feel her hand hit a pillow instead she felt herself touch a mass of curls. Raising an eyebrow, she ruled her own hair out since it was over her shoulder and it was so not Leah since she had straight hair. Peeking a eye open, she found herself looking into a sleeping face of no one other than Harry Styles! Beth’s eyes widen as she put a hand over her mouth to stifle the scream that was going to escape her lips. She didn’t know why though, it was most definitely because she didn’t want to wake him up so she didn’t have to go through a embracing recounter of last night or maybe. . . Was it because he looked like a angel with his curls falling over his face which was taking on a softer look not such a strained one. Beth leaned closer to him hoping to god that she was dream. When she was inches from his face, those green eyes opened and looked at her confused but surprised.
“AH!” Beth yelled in surprise falling off the bed and onto her bum,
“Ow.” she mumbled looking up to see a shirtless hair leaning over the bed staring at her. Her eyes widen, oh god they were in the room she stayed in when she was at Leah’s place, he was shirtless. . . No! They could have not done IT!. Her hands went to her chest feeling to see if she still had that blasted tight cropped shirt on. A sigh of relief left her lips, looking back up at Harry she pushed herself up.Holding onto the bed post for support she looked at a bemused Harry,
“You were going to kiss me again weren’t you?” he asked watching her every move. He bit his lip, she looked gorgeous in the morning. Especially how her hair feel around her like a waterfall and that cute sleepy look that was on her face now.
“I was not!” she said looking at him not catching the ‘again’ part , “I was just looking to see if you were real!” she mentally slapped herself. Even that sounded like a really super weak excuse to her even though it was true. Harry swung his legs on the edge of the bed,
“Right. . .” he said standing up and letting out a loud yawn. Beth tore her eyes away from his body, where he had a few pacs and were those four nipples. She titled her head completely surprised. Harry looked at her confused and followed her gaze, he looked down at his chest and shrugged,
“Yep four nipples.” he said like it was nothing. Beth just blinked and looked away blushing,
“Could you put on a shirt!” she said looking on the floor for his shirt. Finding it, she picked it up and flung it at him. Laughing Harry slipped it on and got off the bed, a smirk now playing on his lips. Beth’s eyebrow twitched as she walked out of the room, hearing Harry trail after her she bit her bottom lip.
‘Oh god please tell me i did not do anything stupid.‘ she muttered to herself as they reached the bottom of the stairs. Beth blinked,
“It’s clean!” she said surprised. Harry came up behind her, “Wow” he said making Beth jump and kick his shins.
“Ow BETH!” he said moaning in pain as he gripped his shin. Beth looked at him and shrugged,
“Oops” she said before walking to the sitting room where she saw her I-Phone lying on the table. Picking it up, she rose an eyebrow seeing how many times she was tagged in pictures on Facebook. Opening them up she screamed,
“HOLY NO!” looking up at Harry who just shrugged and smirked,
“Oops” he said. Looking back down at the pictures, she bit her lip. The first one was Harry carrying her bridal style into the house, second was her pulling him in for a kiss.  .  . She looked up at Harry,
“No way! I did not kiss you!” Harry grinned and walked beside her,
“Sure didn’t feel that way AND see here?” he asked pointing to the corner of the screen,
“You pulled me in for the kiss, SO you kissed me.” he said triumphantly a cheeky smile on his face. Looking at the third one Jana nearly choked, it was her dancing on a table with everyone around her.
“OH my god, my parents are going to kill me!” she screeched.
“Take them down, take them down!” she said looking at Harry. He shrugged,
“I didn’t put them up.” he said amused. Jana looked up at the,
“LEAH!” she screamed dragging Harry with her upstairs to Leah’s room.                               


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