Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


5. Chapter 5

“LEAH I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” Beth yelled down the stairs where Leah was frantically setting up last minuet. Juggling bowls of chips in her hand and a cooler of alcohol she rolled her eyes,
“WHY NOT?” she screamed back up the stairs setting them on the various tables around the back where the pool was. Beth bit her bottom lip and looked down at it and gestured to her bare stomach,
“IT’S TO BAREY!” she yelled. She slapped her forehead, wondering what the neighbors must be thinking since she and Leah did this often. Walking down the stairs, Beth picked up a cooler from Leah, “Oh no, I think that is enough booze.” she said pointing to six coolers full of alcohol sitting by the table of food. Leah pouted,
“Geez Beth lighten up! It’s just a bit more booze!” Leah said. Beth sighed and shook her head. The only reason Leah was allowed to hold these parties was because Beth was there. Leah was known for throwing the BEST parties in the whole town. Also because it was by invite only, meaning that there was usually a maximum number of twenty people here since they were what Leah considered ‘fun enough’ Beth marched back to the kitchen and put the cooler back into the fridge and knew that she would spend the whole evening making sure people are okay and not going up sitars for certain ‘activities’ hearing the door bell ring, Beth pushed herself on the kitchen counter and heard Leah yelling asking for her to open the door.
“Also I’m on butler duty” she mumbled to herself opening the door a fake smile that she had perfected over the years on her lips. She watched as a couple of kids from school tramp into the house, raising an eyebrow Beth found it funny how she looked like she dressed up as Mother Teresa compared to what these girls were wearing. Considering that’s what you would call clothes. . .Telling them to go out to the back where music was now blaring from a speaker Leah had gotten a geek from their school to set up and be DJ for the night.  She didn’t even have to pay him, since he was allowed to be among the party. Looking out the open door, she saw a couple more cars pull up and more people walked in. She knew she didn’t have to check for invites since these were the usual partier s. Beth had even memorized their parents numbers by heart considering particular part events. . . After mentally counting how many people who had walked through the door, Beth shut the door and locked it incase any pervs should happen to try and get in. Walking to the kitchen she already found a couple making out. Walking up to them she tapped the boy on the shoulder,
“Could you guys go outside?” totally ignoring her, they continued to kiss. Beth frowned and  stepped to the pans, picked them up and started banging them together. Finally getting their attention, she shot them a charming smile and pointed outside. “They have booze outside.” suddenly the couple scrambled to their feet and went outside. Groaning Beth propped herself onto the kitchen counter and leaned against the window as she played with the hem of her extremely short T-shirt. Closing her eyes slightly, she planned to have a short nap before hearing a ‘tap tap tap Beth!’ on the window behind her. Jumping at the sound, Beth turned around and screamed when all she saw was two pairs of bright eyes staring back at her underneath the palm tree that blocking out any other excess light that would help her know who it was. Ducking underneath the counter, Beth bit her lip.
“Oh God I must be going crazy! I’m just seeing things!” she said trying to calm herself, standing up slowly she looked at the window and still saw the eyes.
“Beth open the door!” one said in a eery voice. Beth squeaked and ducked under the counter again.
“Ow Leeyum what was that for?” a familiar voice was heard whining. Beth rose an eyebrow. Standing up again, she reached over to the light switch and turned it on, seeing a annoyed Liam and pouty Niall.
“Oh my god you guys, what are you doing here?!” she asked them, Niall shot her a smile.
“Leah invited us, but uh could you let us in. I swear I saw a big dog somewhere around here.” Beth laughed,
“Oh that’s just Komo, her dog. Yeah just wait a second!” she said walking to the front door and opened it. Looking up she found herself looking straight into those green eyes that she so badly wanted to tear out,
“Oh uh hi Beth.” Harry said rubbing the back of his head nervously. Beth’s eyes widen and she slammed the door close. Blinking several times, she heard another knock on the door. She shook her head,
“Get a grip on yourself Disney!” she muttered opening the door again, the fake smile on her lips.
“Sorry guys, come in. The party’s out back.” she said pointing to the back door. The boys nodded and hugged her before walking out the back. Sighing Beth closed the door and closed her eyes leaning against the door.
“At least I won’t have to see him, I’ll go hide in the room and the-” her thoughts were cut off when she heard that unfortunately familiar husky voice. Peeking a eye open, Beth groaned when she saw Harry standing in front of her, a sheepish grin on his face.
“Don’t worry Styles I won’t file a law suit against you.” Beth said walking past him,
“Uh Be-” this time he was cut off when Leah called for Beth to help her get more snacks.
“OKAY!” Beth yelled back walking to the kitchen. Harry followed her. He was going to continue his sentence when two extremely hot girls came up to Harry and started flirting with him. He bit his lip and looked at Beth’s back, looking at the girls he excused himself and walked to Beth,
“Do you need help?” he asked her, as he watched Beth juggle plates of snacks. Beth shot him a look and shook her head,
“I’m sure I’m quite capable of carrying this.” she replied walking outside. Harry growled, why was this girl being so hard? Normally girls would be on his every word but this girl. . . She was different. . . Getting handed a cup of booze from this guy, he took a sip of it and looked at Beth who was talking to Leah who had this evil smile on her face. Watching Leah hand a cup of booze to Beth, Harry rose an eyebrow when Beth took a whole swig of it and how fast her face went red.
Stumbling back to the inside of the house Beth’s thought were jumbled. She was one of the easiest drunks you could ever know. One sip and she would be tipsy, but since she drank that weird combination of vodka and god knows what, she was already pissed. Stumbling slightly, Harry caught her and rose a eyebrow,
“Well you’re a easy drunk! Who knew!” He teased her laughing. Beth looked up at him and growled,
“Go away” she slurred. Harry sighed and put his cup down before picking her up bridal style and taking her into the quiet living room. Putting her on a couch, he just chuckled.
“Just wow, okay so come on Beth. I’m sorry!” he said hoping that if he could get a sorry out of her then he could stop feeling so guilty. When he got no answer from her, he rose an eyebrow till Beth pulled herself up and pulled him in for a kiss. . .


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