Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


3. Chapter 3

Beth sat up quickly again, she made sure she was alone this time and she was. Looking out the window, the sun had gone down and it seemed like dusk. . . Feeling a whole lot better Beth got off the bed and stood up too quickly causing her to walk around wobbly. She walked over to the chest of drawers that was across the wall and ran her fingers over the picture frames. She squinted her eyes looking at them, from the pictures she figured she was in Butter Fingers’s room since he appeared in almost every photo. . . Walking to the bathroom, she fumbled around in the dark trying to find the light switch. Finally switching it on, she found more pictures along the mirror. The cold water felt good as she splashed it on her face. Leaning back she fixed her hair, her eyes widening as she thought how she must have looked when ButterFinger’s chased her earlier. She put her face in her hands,
“Oh god mum is going to kill me.” She wailed slightly, staring at the shirt she was wearing, she grimaced softly as she touched the large red welt that was swollen on her forehead. . . She walked out of the bathroom and tried to look for her phone before remembering she had left it in her car after Leah had told her about pickpockets.
“Knock. . .Knock. . .” Beth heard, walking to the door she opened it and found herself looking up at a tall, well muscular man. She looked at him,
‘I know him. . .” Beth thought than it hit her,
“Hey you’re the guy who blocked me from running from Butter Fingers!” she said. The man just chuckled,
“I’m Paul” he said before turning his back to her and started walking towards the stairs. Beth just stood there confused, Paul turned around and titled his head,
“Aren’t you coming?” he asked before walking down the stairs. Beth scrambled out the bedroom and looked around counting another four doors,
“Must be the other boy’s rooms.” she muttered following Paul down the stairs. Walking right behind him, she looked around the bottom of the house. The walls were adorned with Posters, Pictures of them, Guitars hanging and all that. Soon finding herself in the kitchen she turned around and her eyes widen when she saw each of the four boys trying to cook. It was a really funny sight. Paul rolled his eyes and looked down at Beth, “Sorry. . .” he before a smile adorned his face like a worried yet happy father watching his four crazy children,
“You’re the first guest they’ve had here and Harry felt really bad about the incident.” he said as he watched Zayn suddenly stop chopping something and leaned over a pot, checking his reflection. Liam stood in front of the chicken staring at it,
“The recipe says to stuff this. . ?” Liam asked confused looking at a Louis who had propped himself on the kitchen bench and was holding a old recipe book flipping the pages as he twirled a wooden spoon in his hand. He looked at Harry and pointed the spoon at him,
“YOU! Hurry up with your peeling! Niall stop eating the carrots, bring one to me!” he said pointing his spoon from one to another before looking back at a completely utterly confused Liam who was still staring at the chicken. Beth sighed and took a step up into the kitchen and washed her hands before grabbing hold of the chicken. She looked at Liam,
“Okay so first you do this” she said opening the hole to put the stuffing in. She could tell from the look on Liam’s face, that he just had no idea how anyone could do such a thing. Getting some stuffing, she stuffed it in the chicken. She turned to Liam and smiled at him as if it were nothing,
“Now you do it” she said before walking over to Niall who was making the salad. Taking the knife from him, she grabbed the carrot and started chopping it. Looking at the tomato she shook her head,
“No tomatoes, I’m allergic to them.” hearing this Niall quickly threw the tomatoes in the bin and looked around,
“Get rid of all tomatoes!” he said as if it as a national crisis. Beth shook her head laughing,
“Calm down, it’s not like it’ll kill me!” she said before looking over at Harry who had found himself staring at her. Beth waved her hand in front of his face breaking his concentration, he winked at her,
“You look good in that shirt” Beth’s eyes widen and she slapped him on the head before walking to the table sitting down on a stool watching all of them stare at her. Beth stared back at them, thus resulting in a staring contest. Five on one. Soon Paul interjected,
“You do know that Beth has to be at home in an hour right?” Beth looked at him,
“You called my mother?!” she asked horrified. Paul nodded and straightened his shirt,
“I had to, or else the boys could be charged with kidnapping.” he said simply looking at the boys. Harry grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head,
“Uh the reason I wanted to make dinner, was to ask you. Will you file a law suit against me? I mean what do you want that I can give so you won’t? An date, an a-” Harry was cut off with a surprised noise from Beth. She stood up knocking her chair over, clenching her fists she just stared at Harry,
“How could this boy think that I could do.  . .” Beth just turned to Paul,
“Take Me Home” she said walking towards the door. Harry scrambled and stood behind her,
“Beth I-” he was cut off when the door slammed in his face. . .

“Thanks Paul.” Beth said as she stepped out of the car. Paul leaned over the seat,
“Hey, Harry didn’t mean it like that. . . They’ve. . . He’s just had a rough year concerning certain aspects of his past and . . .” Beth smiled,
“All of us have rough lives Paul. It’s just how we deal with it.” she said before walking into her house.
“We all have dark pasts. . .” she muttered to herself walking inside.

What did Beth mean by that?
What has surfaced about Harry’s past?
Will Liam ever learn to stuff a chicken?

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