Girl Hit By Harry's Mic

When it was the curly’s turn he walked up in front of the other boys and sang moving his mic quite dangerously. Suddenly it flew out of it hand and flew over the crowd till it landed on your forehead knocking you out, the last thing you heard was Leah crying your name, girls screaming and the music suddenly coming to a halt till it was dark.


2. Chapter 2

*Changing the point of view loves! Making it in Beth’s view*

Beth just blinked, trying to process what they had said. She shook her head but stopped when it had sent a wave of pain throughout her whole body. She looked around and then burst out laughing,
“Woah someone must have put something in my drink huh?” she said still engulfed in laughter till she realized that the boys weren’t laughing. Beth closed her eyes trying to remember what the hell is going on, then her memory from the night before. Her eyes opened in a flash. She looked at Harry and pointed at him sitting up slowly this time. She stared at Harry who just looked at her back with a smile tugging at his lips.
“You butter fingers! You’re mic hit my head!” she said putting her head against her head, letting it rest against it. Looking around the faces in front of her, she immediately remembered Leah.
“Leah!” she said quickly, her breathing becoming increasingly rapid. One of the boys put his hand on her back,
“She had to go home love.” he said in a reassuring tone. Beth took in a deep breath, swinging her legs over the side of the bed she was in she took in her surroundings. . . The walls were dark blue, posters were lined up against the walls. An oak bookshelf against the wall across the room. Next to it was a oak dresser and a wardrobe.
“Must be part of a set.” Beth mused standing up, wobbling slightly. Taking a step forward, she felt her knees buckle. Before she could fall to the ground she felt a strong arm wound around her waist holding her up like she was nothing. She turned her head over her shoulder and found herself staring into cheeky green eyes, she was mesmerized by them. . .
“Love? Are you alright?” the boy asked waving his hand in front of her face. Beth quickly looked away her face flushing a slight pink.She straightened her clothes but then realized that she wasn’t in her clothes from yesterday. Looking down she saw it was a old big shirt that hung to her mid-calf. Her eyes widen when she realized that the only explanation for this was. . .
“Oh my god. . .” she said looking at the five boys who were staring back at her, grabbing a pillow she threw it at them. Running out of the room, she looked over her shoulder to find them chasing her,
“IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!” one of them said, his Irish accent sort of making it hard for Beth to understand what he was think.
“THAT’S WHAT MY FIRST BOYFRIEND SAID.” Beth screamed back, running down the flight of stairs. She heard the thumps of feet behind her get louder as she reached the last step. Quickly looking back she saw the five boys tumbling over each other. Pushing the other four of them, the curly haired one chase after her. Beth ran to the backyard and looked around. It was bloody huge and led to a forest. She strained her eyes and saw that the fence was high. She cursed silently and looked back when she heard the screen door slam. A red faced boy was huffing, his curls sticking to his face,
“Damn I’m out of shape.” he muttered to himself in between breaths before pushing himself up running after Beth again. Beth bit her lip, she didn’t know why she was running but she did not want to be around five boys who had UNDRESSED HER, “WE DIDN’T LOOK! I SWEAR!” Curly yelled. Beth stopped and glared at him,
“THAT WAS A ACCIDENT!” Curly yelled back running to where she was. Beth’s eyes widen and she ran again never tearing her eyes off Curly till she had bumped into someone really hard. Landing on her bum, Beth’s eyes traveled up, finding herself looking up at a silhouette,
“Good work Paul!” a red faced Harry said before falling to the ground beside Beth,
“This one’s a runner, huh? Harry really the type of girls you bring home. . .” she heard before fainting again, the pain in her head growing. . .


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