My Princess (Niall Horan Love Story)

I saw her, walking alone, it was cold out. I told Liam to pull over, Harry and I jumped out. I walked up to her and asked her her name. "Blaire." Right then i knew she was for me. But it wouldn't be easy to get her. But I knew she would be My Princess...


4. Work

Blaire's POV

He looked at me, no almost through me, with his piercing green eyes.

"How are you feeling?" He said. Ha, happy face my ass! " I've been better, obviously..." I retorted.

He looked at me harder, and he stiffened. I got scared but didn't want to show it. So I tried to make what I said better by asking "When can I go back to work?" "Tomorrow, ill drop you off and pick you back up." He said. "Kay, how was your day at work?" " What is the 20 questions?" He said " Blaire, I know our up to something and when I find out, you'll get it." "I'm up to nothing honest! I want us to work Joey, I love you, I'll love you forever. I'm up to nothing, I promise!" I said, although I am, I want to make nice so he's not suspicious of the plan I don't have... Yet.

(Next Day) Blaire's POV
It was good to be back at work. The girls I work with, Dani, and Paisley asked how I was. They knew something happened. I told them the whole story. Their faces look horrified. For good reason! I told them that I'm trying to act nice so when I come up with a plan to get out he won't suspect anything. "Hey, that could actually work, keep doing what your doing, and maybe he will let you stay over at my house and we can make a plan together." Dani said. " I'm so scared for you B, I'm so sorry all this has to happen to you, know one deserves this." Paisley said.

I tell the girls goodbye. I walk out the door of the store. I get in the car Joey is in to pick me up in and look back at the store. They girls and in the window, looking at me, with sad eyes, I turn and face forward. I look over at Joey. I lean over and kiss him on the neck. He just looks at me almost confused, but he didn't say anything. "Can we go to the grocery store?" I said. " What for?" He quickly glanced at me. " I just wanna make you a nice dinner, since we are getting along so well." I said. " Fine." And he pulled into the nearest grocery store."
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