My Princess (Niall Horan Love Story)

I saw her, walking alone, it was cold out. I told Liam to pull over, Harry and I jumped out. I walked up to her and asked her her name. "Blaire." Right then i knew she was for me. But it wouldn't be easy to get her. But I knew she would be My Princess...


8. Trip

Blaire's POV

Oh my gosh. He woke up and found me, I thought I could actually get away this time! I thought I wouldn't be found, and I'd be alright. But no. He found me, how long was he following me for? This beating would be horrible, unless somehow I could get away! I felt my shoes loosen from my feet. The laces came undone. Uh oh. I was already a super clumsy person, and I didn't have time to bend over and re tie them. I just kept running. I heard load footsteps close behind me, I turned around to see how far behind Joey was from me. But my pursuer wasnt Joey, it was two young boys. I started to slow down but still running because there had to be a reason they were running after me, I turned back around to the way I had been facing. But my feet got confused and I tripped on my show lace an gel on my hands and knees.


Boy that girl was fast. She just kept running! Why was she running in the first place?

Harry's POV

That girl was beautiful who ever she was. I knew Niall had the same intention as me. But I'm not going to let him have her, he's gotta work for it.


Why the heck is Harry following me? Back off dude. Ten I realized. He felt the same way as me. The only difference is this time, she would be mine.

Blaire's POV

Crap. That hurt. I sat up. Looked at me hands, there was no open wounds, I wiped them on my shorts. I the. Looke at me knees. They were all dripping with blood. Great just my luck. FML is all I could think. By this time, the guys chasing me had caught up with me. I got a good look at them, they were about my age, and they were actually very attractive. One boy was tall and had brown curly hair, he looked down at me and smiled, he had cute dimples. The other boy had fair skin and blonde hair. He bent down to me. I could see his face closer up. He had eyes that one could stare into forever.

"You alright there love?" He asked. He had an accent, so I assume he wasn't from around here, I could quite put my finger on where he might be from. "Yeah" I replied. He held out his hand to help me up. I just looked at it unsure. "C'mon I don't bite." He chuckled. He seemed nice enough. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up.
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