My Princess (Niall Horan Love Story)

I saw her, walking alone, it was cold out. I told Liam to pull over, Harry and I jumped out. I walked up to her and asked her her name. "Blaire." Right then i knew she was for me. But it wouldn't be easy to get her. But I knew she would be My Princess...


6. Oh Nuts...

Blaire's POV

Ugh! I feel disgusting. I feel unclean! I needed to shower. "Joey, I'm going to shower real quick before we eat." I said. I got in the shower, and did rise, lather, and repeat about 10 times, because I just felt eww. It was something I had to do, I hope he is unsuspicious of me. I hopped Hoyt of the shower, dried off, and put on some yoga pants and a tee shirt. I made my way to the kitchen.

There was still 10 more minutes on the timer, so I sat down next to Joey. I was still playing nice, so I said "It's been a while since we did that huh, I miss us Joey. How do you feel about it?" "It was good." He said. Wow typical guy, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free really applies here. I snuggled up to him. Ugh, is all I could think. Then I hear Beep, Beep, Beep. I shoot straight up happy to be away from him. I laughed internally, Saved by the Bell.

I scooped a good portion of lasagna onto two plates, and poured us glasses of wine, that will really make him feel crappy paired with the nuts. I set the table and brought the plates to the table. I sat down and called Joey over. He sat down and dug in. "Oh nuts!" I said. "I forgot our glasses if wine." I got up and giggled quietly at my joke. Grabbed our glasses and walked back to the table, and sat down. "Lets have a toast to getting along again." I raised my glass and held it there. He didn't raise his glass and ignored me. I took a sip of my wine. "I really am glad we are getting along again Joey." I said, I only got silence. "Maybe you wanna do what we did earlier?" I asked. That caught his attention. Gosh, men suck. Not like he was really gunna get any. "Joey, since we are getting better and all, I was wondering if maybe I could go to my girlfriends house tomorrow night? Just probably me and her and another girl. We all work together. You can drop me off and meet them and come inside, I'm sure he wouldn't mind." I asked. I hoped he would say yes, please say yes. This would be my chance! "I don't know Blaire. I'm not sure if I can really trust you." He said. "You can! I promise. It's just going to be me, Dani, and Paisley, you've seen them at the store I work with them. Please I haven't had a girls night in forever." Just say yes already. "Fine, ill drop you off and pick you up." He said. Well I hope there will be no pick up from you, I hope to be gone. "And I want both of their full names and phone numbers." He added. "Ok, thanks babe. I'm glad you trust me." I said back. "You mind if I call Dani and tell her I can come over tomorrow night?" I asked. "Yeah, make it quick." He said. Wow, he never let me use the phone. Why didn't I sleep with him earlier? Or right cuz he beat me almost 24/7. I hope he wouldn't immediately blame me for his allergic reaction. Hopefully it would kick in soon, maybe I could get out of having to sleep with him again. I know he wouldn't forget that.

We had both finished and I picked up our plates and glasses and walked over to the sink. I started to wash the dishes, when I had only the two plates left I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I was scared. Did the nuts kick in? I felt hands at my waist and hot breath on my neck. I shivered, it was gross. I almost threw up in my mouth. "So ill take you up on that offer." He said, and started to kiss me on my neck. I brought my head down to cover my neck the best I could to try to shrug him away. His body got tense, his grip I my waist tighter. Uh-oh. "What are you doing?" He said with a mad tone. "Nothing, just met me finish the dishes." I said. "Don't tell me what to do you stupid whore." He said and flipped me around to face him, and he slapped me across the face. It stung, I brought my hand up to my face, and rubbed the sore spot. "You do what I want when I want it, got it?" He yelled. "Answer me!" He screamed. "Yes Joey." I said softly. I felt his hands go down to my pants, and he pulled them off. I resisted, which was a bad idea. He gave me a punch to the jaw. I knew what he was going to do to me. I didn't want him to. What he was doing was a crime. He was going to rape me. I cried the whole time, he just yelled at me. Spat in my face, slapped me multiple times. Punched my jaw again, and a few times to the ribs, I knew I'd have big bruises. He finished the horrible thing he was doing to me, I was still crying so I assume he got tired of hitting me and that's why he left. I lay in the bed unable to move. So tired, and hurt. I turned my head to the digital clock by the bed. The numbers 10:37pm where lite up in red. I turned my head back up to the ceiling and closed my eyes, and thought what do I do. I lied like this for a few more minutes. I felt gross again and took another shower. I looked in the mirror, and saw bruises already there, all purple and blue. I looked a mess, like a dead person. I got dressed and walked slowly and quietly to the living room. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, which really scared me because not even the tv was on. I peeked around the corner afraid of what I might see. And what I saw was not what I expected.
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