My Princess (Niall Horan Love Story)

I saw her, walking alone, it was cold out. I told Liam to pull over, Harry and I jumped out. I walked up to her and asked her her name. "Blaire." Right then i knew she was for me. But it wouldn't be easy to get her. But I knew she would be My Princess...


5. Dinner

Blaire's POV

We walked into the grocery store, and I grabbed a cart. "What do you want to eat tonight babe?" I asked. "I don't care..." He said back. Well could you at least be kinda great full that I'm cooking for you, jeez. "How about lasagna?" I asked. "Sure." He said.

I walked down the isles, and grabbed what I would need for lasagna. And we proceeded to the check out. We grabbed our bags and walked to the car. When I got in te car I said to Joey "I don't think I got enough lasagna noodles, I think I should go back in and get another box, ok?" "Urmm, yeah sure, hurry up." He said.

I quickly walked back into the store and headed straight to we're the nuts would be. Joeys allergic to nuts. I think I could be able to crush them up and put them into the lasagna. I grabbed a small container of nut and went back to the noodles and grabbed another box of noodles even though we didn't need it. I went to the check out and stuffed the nuts in my purse after I bought them so Joey wouldn't see them. And quickly ran back to the car. I got in and sat down. "What took you so long?" Joey said. "Um I couldn't decide if we really needed another box or not, so I decided to just get one anyway." He just glanced at me.

We arrived back home, and brought back in the groceries. "You just sit down babe, I wanna do this for you. Just put your feet up and watch some tv." He sat on the couch and I started to cook. I boiled the noodles cooked the sauce, and started to put my noodles and sauce in a pan and made my layers. Noodles, sauce, meat, then I crushed up the nuts into powder. Then did that in three more layers. Then I sprinkled some cheese on the top, and popped it in to oven. I sat down on the couch and cuddled up to Joey. "It will be done in an hour." He just nodded. I thought what else could I do to make him un suspicious? I leaned over to him and kissed him. He pulled away, and wiped his mouth. "What are you doing?" He asked. "What do you mean?" "Why are you kissing me?" "Cuz I love you. We still have an hour until dinners done. Wanna do something we haven't done in a while?" I said. He looked at me, and started to take off my clothes. It's not something I wanted to do, but it could help me get out, so I did.
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