Take Me Home

Brett Pennington wasn't a fan of Valentine's day. Every year it reminded her of her parents longing for a boy. To make things worse, her birthday was on Valentine's day. When she met One Direction, all that changed.


5. Back to School

I looked out the window as Liam drove me back to school.

"I'm sorry," Liam said, abruptly. I looked at him, confused.

"Sorry for what?" I asked. Liam had nothing to be sorry for.

"I moved too fast," Liam said, glancing at me.

"Moved too fast...?" I looked at him, expecting him to continue. Liam sighed.

"I introduced you to those four blokes who know me more than anything and can read me like a book, and then I advanced on you." I stared at him.

"I'm glad that you introduced me to them," I said. "I don't understand why the fact that the boys can read you is in there."

"Because I really like you Brett," Liam said, looking at me intently. "I know it's crazy and I just met you, but I felt a connection from the second that I walked into the gas station." He looked at me. "The boys all knew, that's why they were teasing me." He sighed. "Especially Louis."

"Is that why he was telling me that he'd see me soon?" I asked. When Liam nodded, I grinned at him. "I'm actually quite excited to send time with you guys." I looked at Liam happily. "It's so nice to know that we can be such nice friends!" Liam's brown eyes clouded over.

"Friends?" he echoed. I nodded. Liam turned his face back to the road. "You're right," Liam said, pulling into the front of my school. "I'll walk you in."

He helped me out of the car and walked me into the school, once again signing my release permission papers.

"You'd better hurry to class," Liam said, his voice dead. "I wouldn't want you to be late on my account."

"I'm sure I'll be fine," I said, waving away his concern. "In fact, I know I'll be fine." I shrugged. "Even if I'm late, it will be well worth it." I hugged him before I lost my nerve. "In case I never see you again," I murmured into his ear. Liam earnestly hugged me back. We stayed like that for a while, before I cleared my throat. "I'd better get to class," I said, awkwardly, pulling away from him.

"You should," he said, blushing. He looked at me, and before I could say anything else, he placed a butterfly kiss on my cheekbone. "Bye," he said, quickly turning and leaving the building. I touched my cheek, unbelieving. I knew that I should've been jumping up and down, screaming and doing cartwheels, but I just stood there in disbelief.

I felt my phone  buzz in my back pocket. I pulled it out seeing one text from the unknown number, immediately followed by another. I finally put the pieces together. The number was Liam. I opened up the texts to find the pictures we'd taken at Perkins; first the one of the group, then the one with just Liam and I. I stared at it for a while, with a nostalgic feeling passing through me. I quickly made it my lock screen before shoving the phone back into my pocket and setting off for class.

I walked into class, still in a daze, until my teacher snapped me out of my reverie.

"Glad you could join us Ms. Pennington," Mr. Brown's flat voice and piercing stare bored into me as I blushed and scurried to the front of the room. I quickly handed him my pass, sure not to make eye contact with him, before hurrying to my seat. I felt stares on me all the way to my seat, but I kept my eyes down.

"Brett!" I heard someone hiss on my left. I turned: Jada. "Where'd you go?" I grinned at her.

"You'd never believe me if I told you," I whispered back.

"Girls!" Mr. Brown glared at Jada and I. "Ms. Pennington, first you arrive to my class tardy, and now you interrupt my class?" Jada and I made eye contact before lowering our heads in mock shame. "Is there something you'd like to discuss with the class?" Jada raised a brow at me, and I nodded to her.

"I was asking where Brett got called to during lunch," Jada said, nonchalantly. "I'm sure everyone heard the announcement." Mr. Brown glared at us, but dropped it, giving us a look that told us not to interrupt his class again.


"Tell me everything," Jada said the second we stepped out of the classroom. Her eyes shone bright with excitement. Without words, I pulled out my phone and handed it to her. Jada squealed in delight. "Oh. My. God!"

"I know!" I said, sighing.

"This is Liam Payne," Jada said, looking at me in disbelief. "Like THE Liam Payne!"

"I know!" I said again, this time squealing. "It's so surreal!"

"This is what you got pulled out for?" Jada said, her decibel rising.

"Shh!" I said, shushing her, grabbing her wrist. "I don't want people to know yet!"

"Can I tell Mel?" Jada said, leveling her eyes with mine.

"Of course!" I said. Then I pulled her in again. "That's not all." Jada looked at me giddily.

"Tell me all!" I took the phone back from her and went to my texts. I opened up the group picture that we took before I left. "Omigod!" Jada shrieked. "Where was this?"

"At Perkins!" I squealed.

"Down Marshall?" Jada said, disbelief coloring her voice. I nodded excitedly.

"They really made it sound like they wanted to see me again," I said. Jada was jumping up and down by now. "And you wouldn't believe what happened when Liam dropped me off!"


"Shh!" I said, clapping a hand over her mouth. "No one can know!"

"Continue," Jada said, her eyes eagerly shining. "I won't interrupt you anymore." I raised a brow at her, but continued.

"After he signed my release slip," Jada nodded eagerly, "he hugged me," Jada looked like she was about to explode, "and then he kissed my cheek!" Jada shrieked and started jumping up and down. I grabbed her arms and anchored her to the ground. "Jada!" I exclaimed.

"You can't tell me that and expect me not to reach like that!" Jada yelled back. She grabbed my arms and looked me in the eyes. "We have to tell Melissa."

"We don't see her for a while," I protested. "At least for another two or three hours." Jada made a face.

"Who can I tell?" Jada said.

"No one!" I exclaimed. My phone buzzed. It was Liam. I miss you. I giggled.

"IT'S HIM!" Jada yelled. I gave her a silencing look and she just giggled.

"It is him," I confirmed. Jada squealed. "But it's not a life changing thing."

"Anything he texts you is life changing!" Jada yelled. I covered her mouth.

"Calm down." Jada's eyes shone bright and I could see the indispensable excitement in her eyes. "I'm going to reply to him now," Jada nodded excitedly, "I'm going to tell him, 'I miss you too.'" Jada squealed. "But we're not going to freak out over this. We're going to act as civilized people in this affair." My phone buzzed and I looked down at it. Random thought, but do you want to go out tomorrow night? "Liam just asked me out. All civility is out the picture. You are free to scream." We screamed like to crazy people.

"Liam Payne just asked you out!" Jada said, in a super high-pitched voice.

"I know!" I said in an equally as high voice. "But I'm going to be late to class, so we'll talk later!" Jada nodded like a freak on speed. I was scurrying to Biology feeling the smile on my face nowhere near removing itself from my face.

"Hey." I jumped in surprise and looked up to find Zac grinning down at me. "What's go you all super happy?" I opened my mouth to speak, but then I remembered his jealousy from the morning.

"What do you mean?" I said instead.

"You've got an extra spring in your step and you're, like, floating with every step." I looked up at him, the grin ever present on my face. I tried concealing it, but I knew that I probably looked like that annoying person who tells you that they know something about you, but refuses to tell you any more.

"That was probably one of the sweetest things I've ever heard you say," I noted in surprise. Zac blushed and quickly adverted his eyes.

"I have my moments," he said, still avoiding my eyes. "But we're both going to be late to class." He awkwardly waved to me, ducking his head in some sort of acknowledgment. "See ya," he said before hunching into his classroom directly across from my own. I shook my head, giggling to myself. When did my life get so complicated? I pulled out my phone to text Liam back.


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