Madly, Truly, Deeply

This is a Harry Styles fan fic!! It's about a regular girl who makes one bad decision in her life, and is reminded of it everyday. Don't worry, the reminder is quite a good one :)


3. Taken

Boy, was I wrong. I looked up at the boy. He was breathtakingly beautiful. Dark brown, curly hair with emerald green eyes. His mouth curled up in a smirk that made my stomach drop.

"Well, well. Look what we have here," He said, taking me by my shoulders roughly. "What all did you see, gorgeous?"

"Nothing," I quickly stuttered, scared for my life. This guy just killed a living person, what would stop him from doing that to me? Nothing.

"I don't believe you." His eyes narrowed, traveling all over my face. "Tell me the truth. What did you see?"

"Y-you..." I gulp, straining to look him in the eye. "Kill a man, and... S-set him on fire."

His smirk turned into a creepy grin, his eyes growing darker every second. "Good girl," he smoothly said. "Tell me, are you a virgin?"

My eyes widened, fear over coming my body more than before. Why would he want to know this?!


"I take that as a no," he says, smirking once again. "It's okay... Everybody has to start somewhere."

"Hel-" a gigantic hand stopped me from saying more. His face wicked, his eyes taunting. What does he want with me?!

"Shh... Go to sleep..." he whispered into my ear.

That's when I noticed that in his hand, he held a cloth. It was placed perfectly on top of my nose and mouth. My eyelids drooped, slowly closing.


I woke with a jolt when I heard a large bang. At least, I thought I woke up. Darkness surrounded me everywhere, no light visible anywhere. "H-hello?" I called out, my voice coming out raspy. I could barely breathe.

Silence everywhere, then suddenly my eyes stung from the incredibly bright light in front of me. "Ah, she's awake." I heard the familiar deep voice say, chuckling.

"W-what do you want with me?" I asked.

"You see, you saw what I did back in that wood. If you were to tell people, I'd be dead- literally. Jail is death, and I'm wanting to live, so... If you can't see anyone, then you can't tell a soul, now could you?" he sat on the end of the bed-ish thing I was laying on, and smiled widely at me.

"Y-you mean..."

"Mhmm. You're not leaving, ever," the bed shook as he slid closer. "But, hey, I'm not complaining. I mean- forever, that's a long time..."

He placed his hand on my thigh, slowly inching it closer. I swatted the hand away, backing up farther. That's when I noticed that I was handcuffed to the mattress.

As if he reading my mind, he said, "And those are to make sure that you don't go anywhere." He smiled his wicked smile, and slid even closer to me. His eyes burning holes into mine as he slowly advanced.

"So, lets have some fun."

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