Madly, Truly, Deeply

This is a Harry Styles fan fic!! It's about a regular girl who makes one bad decision in her life, and is reminded of it everyday. Don't worry, the reminder is quite a good one :)


5. Sunlight

It's been three more days of my Hell. Harry has started to cease a bit with the sex, and has been seeing me less and less everyday. I'm not complaining.

The cut on my face is completely healed, but the skin around him is still bruised badly. I lay in bed, my incredibly greasy hair (from not showering for eight days) strewn around me.

The door slowly opens, my eyes finally adjusting to the light. I could see Harry leaning on the open door frame. He stands there for a bit longer, and then finally walks in and towards me.

I was taken off guard by his actions; releasing me from my hand cuff. "Get up, you're moving."

I tilt my head to the side, confused. "What do you mean?" my quiet voice asks.

"You're moving, out of this room."

I smile, surprised to see him smile a bit too. Not his usual wicked smile, but a nice, genuine smile. "Thank you," I quietly exclaim, smiling wider.

He waits for me to gather the covers around my chest as I slowly stand up, pain shooting through my body. I whimper, and fall back down. I look up, surprised to see hurt in his eyes.

"Here, let me help you." he whispers. He gently lifts me up like a bride in his arms, still covering my chest with the covers. "Don't worry, I've got you."

This sudden change in his attitude made me really curious and confused. The way he handled me with care, not harm. Him whispering, not yelling. Helping, not hurting.

He carried me up a flight of stairs, and I had to squint with all the light around me. The house looked beautiful. Nothing like how I thought it would look: gross, stuff thrown everywhere, and garbage littering the ground. Instead, it was clean, spotless, even. "You like it?" he quietly asked, chuckling.

I nodded, looking around some more. The kitchen was, too, spotless. So was the livingroom. Everything in a creamish color made this place more homey.


I noticed that there was a guitar in the corner of the living room, immediately sparking something happy inside of me. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of music. Being without it for such a long time hurt me, deeply.

He carried me up another flight of stairs, and into a room to the left. The room was the same color as the rest of the house- creamish- and it had a bed, dresser, window with a balcony, and a bathroom.

He slowly lowered me down onto the comfortable bed- way different than the previous one- and I immediately looked to my feet. The presence of him in the room with me naked still sparked red to my cheeks.

"This will be your room. You're allowed to go outside onto your balcony, only if you promise me that you don't do anything stupid. Such as," he takes a large breath in. "shouting for help, jumping off, trying to escape, hurting yourself, or drawing attention. And by drawing attention, I mean stripping." He chuckles at the last part.

Some how, I managed to find my voice that I lost a few days ago. "Strip?! Yeah, okay. No worries."

I saw his eyes light up briefly when I spoke to him in that way. "I see you found your voice," he said, smiling a bit. "Glad you didn't lose it forever."

What is going on with him? First he kills a dude, rapes me numerous times, and now he's being extremely nice.

"I am too," I said, chuckling. "More glad than you'll ever be."


He later told me I had to get some more sleep, and when I woke, I could come downstairs and relax a bit. So, that's exactly what I did. I took a nice, long nap and now I'm walking down the stairs onto the main floor.

"Ah, there she is." I heard his voice. Where? I have no idea. "I'm in the kitchen."

"Oh..." I say, walking into the kitchen. And there he is! Is he cooking? "Are you cooking?"

"Mhmm. Close your eyes and guess what it is. Here, taste this." he says, making me close my eyes.

In a matter of seconds I feel a spoon slip into my mouth, and the taste of something... beautiful. I could taste bacon, cheese, potatoes, ham, egg... "Is it an omelet?"

"Yes!" I open my eyes to see him smiling hugely. "It's a bacon, egg, cheese, ham, and hash brown omelet. You like it?"

"Mhmm. Do you always cook?" I ask, looking down at the basketball shorts I wore.

Oh, yeah. He gave me some clothes to wear until he got me actual girl clothes. Right now I am wearing black basketball shorts with a black v neck of his. No bra, mine was ruined.

"Yes, I do. I kind of have to, since there's really no one to cook for me." he chuckles lightly, while picking me up. I stiffen as he raises me higher.

"What are you doing?" I ask, a little bit scared.

"Don't worry, I'm putting you up on the counter."

I look down at him, his curls were perfectly placed around his face, and his lips were pulled back in a sweet looking smile. I've never seen him like this. I wanted to ask him why he was acting so strange and nice, but I'm too afraid he was going to notice, and begin hurting me again.

"Are you okay?" he asks, confused by my quietness.

"Hm? Oh! Yeah. Sorry, spacing out." He chuckled at my weirdness and continued cooking.


"Wow, it's beautiful." I said, staring at the sunset in awe.

I felt his presence beside me, and I shivered a bit from his touch. "Yeah, but I've seen better. Just sayin."

I smiled a bit, and turned to him. He was staring at me, smiling. "I highly doubt that."

"Wanna bet?" he asked, widening his eyes a bit.

"Psh. Yes."

"Okay," he walked back inside of the house, and grabbed a mirror. "Fine, look at this. Bam. More beautiful."

My cheeks immediately turned a bright red. He was seriously calling me beautiful? What is his deal?!

"...Thank you," I whispered. "Uhm, I'm going to go inside and go to bed."

He looked a little bit sad when I said that, but he quickly replaced it with a smile. "Okay," he said. "Goodnight."


I tossed and turned. I can't sleep. His words still echoed in my head, "Yeah, but I've seen better... Bam. More beautiful." I just can't get over it.

I stared at the ceiling for a total of five minutes before a thought popped into my head. I got out of the bed, and walked down the stairs into the living room. I walked over to the corner and picked up the wooden instrument.

Bringing it over to the couch, I sat and stared at it in awe for a while. This simple instrument can make the most beautiful music in the whole world. I place my fingertips over the strings, and strummed. It was out of tune, and I knew it.

I began to tune it, and when I finished, the guitar once again sounded beautiful. I began to strum random chords, whatever ones seemed right to play at the time.

When I got a solid chord pattern in my mind, I began to add words.

I must've used up all my wishes yesterday
Cause the words we said in anger still echo in my brain
Alone through the darkness in this cave
I wanna hear you whisper
Hang on every word you say

That verse was about when I first met Harry, and all of the mean things we said to each other, and now how I can't get all the nice things he's said out of my mind.

I added more words,

Climb the mountain, swim for shore
Bring it back to how it was before

Take it out, blow it up
Ignite the memory in between us
Through the storm and all the dust
Take it out of these walls with a cannonball
But don’t let it go, don’t give up the ghost
While staring at the moon and the sun
Just trying to remember where we came from

I decided to make that the transition and the chorus. It's about how even though he's being super nice right now, I still miss how it was before, and I can't help but remember where I came from.

I added even more words until I came up with a whole song that spelt out everything that was in my heart at the time. (Here's a link to the actual song: )

Little did I know that I had an audience of one.





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