Madly, Truly, Deeply

This is a Harry Styles fan fic!! It's about a regular girl who makes one bad decision in her life, and is reminded of it everyday. Don't worry, the reminder is quite a good one :)


4. Anything

I sat up in the bed, clutching the covers closely as I squinted into the intensifying light in front of me. My whole body was unclothed, aching deeply from last night's events.

"Ah, good morning, gorgeous." The boy, I later learned was named Harry, teasingly said as he closed the door, and turned on the bright lights.

"Ugh," I growled as my brain received a sharp pain when the lights were their brightest.

"Chill out," Harry chuckled. "You should be used to it by now."

That's right. I probably should. I mean, I've been here for five days already. Each day receiving that same shooting pain in the morning, and the same horrible internal pain at night.

Yes, Harry has raped me. Five times exactly. He says it's 'good' for me, that it'll make me stronger, and less left out in the world; more mature. I say, no.

He jumps onto the bed, laying flat next to me. "So! What you wanna do today? I say... Have some fun?" he cheekily grins at me while winking.

"Ew, no." I growl.

Maybe Harry was right. I've grown stronger and more mature in the five days I've been here. No longer afraid of what he'll do to me, he's already done everything he could to make me feel horrible about myself.

"Don't be that way, gorgeous."

"I have a name, it's Max." I snap.

"Well, MAX. Don't talk to me that way, or-"

"Or what?!" I cut him off. His eyes grow wide with anger, instantly turning from an emerald green to an almost black color.

"Or I will mess up that pretty face of yours." he mumbles through his gritted teeth.

"Do it, I don't care-" I was cut off by a stinging sensation on my left cheek. He punched me! In the face!

"Don't speak to me like that, gorgeous. I told you I would hurt you in the blink of an eye. Don't test me." he growls.

The next thing I knew, spit was flying out of my mouth and onto his angry face. He swiftly pinned me down by my wrists on the bed, chest rising and falling quickly as he fumed with fury.

"That's it. You made me." he growled, grabbing furiously onto my waist, digging his fingers into my skin.

I screamed in pain, closing my eyes. When I opened them I saw that he had a blade in his hand. My eyes widened with fear. He smirked evilly at me as he advanced closer with the blade.

Slowly, he sliced my cheek open, releasing blood onto my face and his hands. "Please! Stop!" I begged, tears mixing in with the blood. "I'll do anything, please!"

He finally stopped, drawing the blade from my skin. "Anything?"

"Anything." I breathlessly swore.

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