The Perfect Valentine's Day

Two normal girls going to a One Direction concert and meet and greet with a big surprise ahead.


1. Meet and Greet

Hershelle says, "Valentine's day and we don't have any dates for the concert." Heather says with excitement, "At least we are going to the 1D concert together it'll be fun." Heather says, " I can't wait to see Zayn and Louis today for meet and greet." Hershelle replies back, " I know I can't wait to see Zayn." Two hours later, " Oh. My. God. There he is Zayn right there, right in front of us." Zayn and Louis look at both of them and calls them over. Heather and Hershelle walk over to them, and they give Zayn and Louis a hug. Zayn and Louis asks them, concert." Hershelle replies, "I know can you believe it!" At the end of their date Zayn and Louis makes Hershelle and Heather their girlfriends. 

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