Maid For Styles

This wasn't supposed to happen. Alisha was only supposed to be the maid. I had a girlfriend, but I wanted her -Harry Styles


2. Chapter TWO

The ride to my new house felt like forever, even though it was only 25 minuets away. When I got on the street, I slowed down a little bit. I now had to live on my own, and take care of five others. They boys were paying for my house as well, so I would be able to live near them. Finally, I got to my driveway. I don't know why I was acting like this. I had been to this house before, to unpack some things.

When I got out of the car, I took a deep breath. I opened up my car, and started to bring in all the boxes I still had. I placed everything in the living room, and then walked into the kitchen. I made myself a cup of tea, when I heard the door bell ring.

I peeked out of the blinds from a window first, to see who it was. It was Simon Cowell. I quickly checked myself to make sure I was presentable, and opened the door.

"Ah, Alisha. Nice to see that you have moved in." I nodded. "Could you step outside for a moment, I would like to have a word." I did as I was told, and took a seat on the porch.

"What is it you need to talk about sir?" I asked. I knew from watching the X Factor that I needed to be respectful to him.

"I have your schedule right here for you. You will clean the boys house 4 times a week, and get groceries for them. I also, if you don't mind, would like you to keep an eye on them."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Oh, just make sure they stay out of trouble." He said, and smiled. "I want you to go stock up their food now, if that's okay. You don't need to clean though, seeing that they just moved in. Good luck, Alisha." With that, he walked away, and into his car. Simon liked to get straight to the point.

I then walked over to my car, and drove to the grocery store. I bought almost every kind of junkfood there was, and a few healthy snacks. I then drove to the address that Simon had given me on the schedule.

When I got to the house, my jaw was maybe a few inches off the ground. It was massive. It had at least twenty windows, and was 3 stories high. "That should be fun to clean." I thought to myself. I quickly grabbed some groceries, and walked inside. Simon also gave me a key.

It didn't take long to find the kitchen, because the house setup was like mine, except 10X as big. I put the groceries down on the counter, and huffed. They were heavier than what I thought.

"Would you like some help love?" I turned around to see a boy with the most beautiful green eyes. It was Harry Styles.

"No thanks, I can manage." With that, I walked back out to my car. I grabbed some more bags, and went back in. They were really heavy. I guess Harry saw that I was struggling, because he ran over, and took about half of the bags in my hands.

"You can manage alright" He smirked.

"I was doing fine, you know." I replied.

"And that's why you almost dropped 7 bags on the floor" He laughed.

"Don't laugh at me, Styles." I warned.

"Oh, so that's what you are going to call me." He said as we brought in the rest of the bags. "Well, don't I deserve to know your name then?"

"I'm Alisha" I said.

"Beautiful name" He said. Right then, four more boys walked into the room. "Guys, this is Alisha, our maid." Harry said. They all walked over to me, and shook my hand.

"Food!" Niall shouted. He went for a bag of chips, and then ran out the back door. The other boys followed. I laughed. This was going to be interesting.

As I was putting groceries away, I kept hearing yelling from outside. I looked out the window by the sink. There was a pool out there, and the boys were going crazy. I looked over at Harry. His curls were soaked. I then noticed his abs. Oh my god, stop looking! I thought to myself. You work for these boys, nothing more Alisha.

I put away the last bit of groceries, and then went into the living room. Already, there was clothes all over the floor. I picked them all up, and put them into the laundry room. On my way out, I bumped into someone. "Sorry" I murmured. I looked up to see Harry.

"Day one, and you have already started to clean, I like it" He gave me a wink.

"Maybe you shouldn't keep clothes all over the floor, Styles" I replied. He laughed, and then let me through. I was walking away, but then he grabbed my hand. I felt sparks, and turned around.

"If you ever need anything let me know" He said seriously. I nodded, and then ran out the door, and into my car. I felt my hand. This was going to be an interesting job.
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